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Soul Sound Healing - Healing Message of Love MP3

Soul Sound Healing - Healing Message of Love - Full Version MP3
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Soul Sound Healing

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The Angelic Path presents

Healing Message of Love

This meditative product from The Angelic Path offers you the opportunity to clear old wounds, debris and negative energies, allowing your body to heal naturally with the aid of angelic sound healing.

The Celestial Beings of Love have embedded their own vibrational healing codes into the dictated words and narration that is recorded. These powerful vibrational healing codes reach deep into a person’s soul and are capable of amazing energy clearing and healing effects.

We are all energy and sound is energy too. Sound healing has been around for centuries with great and effective results. The strong angelic sound vibrations resonate deep into our core being and can remove energy blocks, balance chakras and remove old negative thought patterns, and built-up negative karma that may lie trapped for lifetimes.

You now have the opportunity to take advantage of this energy and sound healing. If you wish to sample this product, please feel free to download our Free Sample which is located in the Soul Sound Healing area of our web site.

This Full Version of Healing Message of Love has more healing vibrational codes embedded into the sound patterns as delivered by the Celestial Beings of Love, through our spiritual channel, Blake Cahoon. Our Healing Message of Love is designed to specifically to clear the chakras, cut etheric cords and embedded a sense of love into your whole being. Our Soul Sound Healing meditative recordings allows you to be transported into a wonderful, loving, expansion and enlightening experience of profound and deep healing of your core being.

Some of the advantages of this type of our Angelic Sound Healing Messages are:

  • Balance your chakras
  • Remove old negative thought patterns
  • Eliminate energy blockages
  • Raise your vibrational vitality
  • Clear old karma and useless soul contracts
  • Cut and remove etheric cords that no longer serve you
  • Release accumulated emotional pain from this or past lifetimes
  • Clear entities and old energy patterns from your soul being
  • Align your auric and ethereal bodies for maximum health

This Soul Sound Healing recording can help allow you to move forward in in your life, by gaining clarity and wisdom. You will clear the blocks that are holding you back from love and abundance. Allow yourself to be free of unwanted patterns that no longer serve you, so you can create the life you truly want.

People who have already been exposed to this Healing Message of Love report they feel more alive, vital and energies with a renewed sense of direction and purpose.

TESTIMONIES of this Soul Sound Healing recording:

“WOW!!!! I listened last night and before you finished the second sentence I experienced Spirit ….. This

“Thank you for your wonderful Healing Message. I feel so relaxed, I'm feeling a shift in my left ear…feeling as though I'm going to receive more downloading…. Thank you again for just knowing what I needed today.”

“Simply Amazing! I was experiencing a great deal of stress, both mentally and physically. Then, I heard this beautiful music and angelic message. Immediately I sighed, my shoulders relaxed, I sat back. and could breathe with greater ease and became more peaceful. It was as if the Divine had swaddled me in a blanket of Love and I felt assured that all is well. Deepest appreciation for this experience!”

Our full version of the Healing Message of Love is available in a downloadable MP3 format. This Healing Message audio goes deep into your soul’s core and is more expansive with the clearing of your vibrational energies.

Our expanded, full version of our Healing Message of Love MP3, from the Celestial Beings of Love is 10 minutes in length.

Others have found this type of Soul Sound Healing really resonates with them and has helped clear out old debris and cleared your energy fields. You too can experience something profound and life changing with our Healing Message of Love. Get ready to experience this recording for yourself—download your full copy today!

Thank you and May Great Blessings Be Yours Always!

Note: Due to the hypnotic effects of this recording, please do not drive or operate machinery when listening to this recording. Drink water if necessary and allow rest.

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