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The Time That is Given Us by Blake Cahoon

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When an old enemy comes back into Charles' life, both Kate and Charles suffer the consequences.

In Book 3 of the Twist of Time book series, our intrepid couple learns how love affects time itself. From the war-torn city of London of World War II to the meeting of Nikola Tesla, Charles and Kate travel back and forth through time and then some, as they strive to overcome impossible odds.

Kate continues to learn more about her beloved husband, whose past remains as shadowy as their future. Charles takes risks and allows himself to be caught up in a web of time-twisting intrigue and adventure. Will love conquer all or will the fickle finger of fate rip this loving couple apart?

Book Three of the Twist of Time series provides more romance and time-traveling adventures.



Death can be a cruel master. I didn’t know this before that fateful year where death seemed to play such a cruel joke on us all. Death and time.

We think we have all the time in the world to be with our loved ones, but we might not have as much time as we believe. This was certainly true for me, as I attempted to navigate through the current years of marriage to reclusive, billionaire Charles Chandler.

We had already navigated through rough waters, and now in our third year of marriage, smooth sailing was upon us—for at least a while. But fate has a way of stepping in and disrupting the most tranquil of waters.

Sometimes the fickle finger of fate simply sucks.


What past readers are saying about the Twist of Time series:

“I highly recommend this book for folks who love romance and like time travel.”

“This is a very well written time travel / historical romance. Once I started reading, I was pulled into the story and had a hard time putting it down and finished it in a weekend. I especially love Blake’s use of calling for the angels to protect the main character in different situations. If you enjoy a good time travel romance…this is worth your time.”

“I became engaged in the story immediately. It’s an exciting novel incorporating time travel, ghosts, mansions (who doesn’t love those), and romance all with unique twists. I recommend giving it a read.”

“This was a real gem of a read - drew me in and kept me wanting more.”


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Publisher: Twilight Sky Media Books, NM
Soft Cover, 6 x 9, Pages 374
June 2020

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