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Time After Time by Blake Cahoon

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Book 4 of the Twist of Time series

Time After Time by Blake Cahoon

When Charles’ business is in trouble the family heads to New England to stay with the Maine branch of the Chandlers, for a respite from their troubles. But when dark secrets of the past raise their ugly head, Kate find her beloved husband wrapped up in the haunted mystery.

Yet time twists on them both when they find themselves on the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic. How they fight witches, ghosts and tragedies of the present and past is the adventure that Kate and Charles face in the Fourth book of the Twist of Time series.

Time After Time reminds them once again that love will find a way past the events and people who continue to haunt them.

Softcover 6 x 9 Mass Market 376 pages
Twilight Sky Media

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