Stressed Out? Here’s Some Help!

stressSo, lately I’ve been stressed out more than usual. Not sure why. It might be the weather. Or maybe I just never wanted to come back from vacation which was 3 weeks long and still not long enough!
I know there are various family issues and work issues and home issues and too much going on issues, so when I spotted the article below on stress and found out that some stress is actually healthy for you, I shouted “Hooray!”

And then I read further and found out some way to handle stress. Like for example, deep breathing and listening to relaxing music helps me unwind from stress. The article spells out the particulars and uses various examples of stressful situations and how to deal with them.

Of course exercising regularly is one that all health articles tell us about. So a walk around the block can help the body, mind and the spirit. Or even down the corridor of your work building.
Me: I find a stroll down to our local Starbucks and sipping on a chi tea latte –Venti –size please does the trick. Petting my kitty cat’s head when I’m home veg’ing in front of the TV also de-stresses me.

Hey—whatever it takes, right? Just remember to enjoy life!

Deep breathes everyone!

Read how to distress your life here:

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Blake likes to unwind with a good book or a good TV comedy. She likes ‘Big Bang Theory’.

7 thoughts on “Stressed Out? Here’s Some Help!

  1. Nice article and it couldn’t come at a better time! My tricks… (1)listening to the 80s- how can anyone not smile, sing some lyrics, and get up and dance to those beats? (2)going into deep breathing for a good while and becoming really present to my body -typically with some “nature” music if it’s too cold to sit outside and let Mother Nature do her oh so natural magic gift of absorbing life’s stress. (3) Prayer and meditation- preferably outside. Thanks for the reminders… too bad the temperature is below zero today or I would be sitting outside right now 🙂

    1. These are great ideas for de-stressing!!! We’ll be discussing some of these more in upcoming blogs. Thanks as always for the great input!

      Love & Light Always,

  2. Another stress reducer is sending out gratitude to those that contributed to your day. As well as, prayers of thanks to the Almighty.

  3. Excellent article. Thank you. Another stress reducer is to breath from your stomach. Just pay attention to the breath and feel those shoulders relax.

  4. I love a nice hot bath. Sometimes I use aromatherapy, you deeply breathe in the essential oil that addresses your emotional or physical need and it really works. I love lavender. But when I am sad/down/blah feeling I have found that the cheery scent of bergamot or grapefruit brings joy back… Just delightful in the tub. (I make my own bath soak out of Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda and essential oils). The salts contain minerals that are very good for the body. Any other bath tub gals out there?

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