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3 Things to Do to Overcome Chaos

the-crystal-ball-WaterhouseHow did you manage to deal with 2013?
How can you overcome the chaos?
How has The Shift of 2012 affected you?

About 15 years ago, I managed to get a job as a computer analyst because the US government was nervous about the use of computers in the work place, especially for highly regulated manufacturing industries such as pharmaceutical companies.  Believe or not, the use of computers versus paper was once looked on with distrust.  As a result, there was a mass effort to high people with certain skill sets and train them to do with the enormous amount of regulations and paperwork needed at the time.  As it turned out, I had the proper skill set and fell right into place in this lucrative position.

That huge pile of regulations over time shrank as computers became more common place and finally business couldn’t live without them.  Now all those regulations came down to a 3 page document –a list of requirements and regulations needed if your computer system fell into a specific category—now something more rare than not.

It took time to go from frantic over regulation and in turn chaos, to a calmer place to now a relaxed way of doing business.  The processes and the attitudes of the regulations and new systems changed over time.

I bring this up, at the this time of year, because last year on December 21, 2012, light workers across the globe were being readied for SOMETHING BIG to happen on that pivotal day. 

Next week will be the 1 year anniversary of that date.   Since then many light workers have felt everything from nothing to nausea to joy to impatience to frustration to….well, you get the picture.  They have simply been all over the place in the lives.  We have dubbed this time period The Shift – because indeed it is a time of shifting changes—almost like blowing sands—going one direction one moment and another direction the next.

Personally we have experienced this activity going on for most of 2013.  It finally began to settle around the time of the fall equinox, when many have reported that celestial calmness finally came into play.

I know of many others whose lives have changed drastically this year.  Many have made their transition during this year or experienced someone else’s transition (death), many have lost or found jobs, moved, got married or divorced, started businesses or lost businesses.  Overall it wasn’t a particular non-active year for most of us.  We are in the midst of a shifting time which may bring chaos with it.  Just like many experienced about 15 years ago with changing technology and the regulations that went with it.  And just as that experience for those companies shifted with time, so shall our Shift.  As time goes on, the chaos will diminish and we will have better processes in place to deal with changing times. 

What can you do to help alleviate the chaos in the meantime?

  1. Turn off the news.  It’s not serving you well if you continually listen to and worry about what is happening outside of your own walls.  The same situations that are being played out in a dramatic daily fashion have been going on for thousands of years.  Countries fight, people die and politicians argue.  Unpopular laws are passed.  People lose money.  People make money.

Live your life outside of this daily drama.  Instead listen to happy music or neutral information.  Watch fun TV, not violent or drama that may stress you out. 


2.  Lighten Up.  You’re called a light worker because that is where you keep your energy –towards the lighter, more positive side of life.  Laugh more often.  Smile more often.  Give more often. You will be rewarded and you may make someone’s day.  The power of smiling and giving is tremendous.  And don’t forget to be good to yourself too!


3.   Ask the Angels for Help.  They can’t help you if you don’t ask.  And their job is to help you.  We forget to ask during the course of our busy day—but they get bored when we don’t ask.  They are there to help you lighten the load.  Ask for the small things or the big things—they can handle it all!  And you only pay with a positive asking and intent!  Otherwise all this help is Free!!!  So ask!

Next year the chaos will be less than this year.  More processes are being put into place; more results are being played out in a more positive manner.  Keep the faith and keep smiling.  Hold the Light and follow it.  You are making a difference, even when swirling changes are all around you.  Hold steady in the storm and keep the umbrella by you, for when you need it. 

Our world is changing –the direction it turns in is up to you.  Keep the positive going and the world will follow suit.  Or if you live in fear and chaos, your world will reflect those fears and provide more chaos for you.  If we all pull our own weight in being positive, the world will become a place not of chaos but enlightenment and wise knowing. 

Peace and Joy,
Blake Cahoon, Teacher/Writer/Channel
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Opening Hearts, Minds and Spirit
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

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The Changes of 2012 Reflect Our Natural State of Being

The Changes of 2012 Reflect Our Natural State of Being

The world is changing as we continue into the pivotal year of 2012. This is the year that several indigenous populations have touted as year of change and paradigm shifting. From the Native American Hopi nation to the Mayan calendar and beyond, there is a general feeling of shifting from an aggressive world view to a gentler over-arching world view. This change will not happen overnight, but as the years progress into the 21st century, the world is due for a change and hopefully for the better.

Because the world is changing, we have to be prepared to change too. If we fight the shift, if we fight against the turning tide, there is no doubt that there will be strive, struggle and loss. But we are seeking an uplifting of our spirits and our souls. We want to move into this new time with ease and joy. For joy is our natural state of being. We did not come into this world to struggle, although at time it may feel that way.

Now is the time to release the old and embrace the new…the new path that is gentler, quieter and far happier to be on.

Did you know that happiness and joy are our natural state of being? It’s true. Several independent scientific studies have been performed over that last several years to determine if our natural tendency is toward cooperation versus competitiveness. Scientists studied animals in the wild and found that overall nature is in a cooperative state of being.

Animal altruism examples include dogs who adopt other species including cats, ducks, squirrels and even tigers! Dolphins have been known to support other sick or injured animals, staying hours with them, nursing them back to health. Even wolves will bring back food to the pack, if not all members can hunt.

Harvard Professor Yochai Benkler , best-selling author of “The Wealth of Networks” is known as one of the world’s top thinkers on cooperative structures. He was recently interviewed on his new book, “The Penguin and the Leviathan: How Cooperation Triumphs over Self-Interest”, where he uses evidence from the scientific fields of neuroscience, economics, sociology, biology, plus real-world examples to break down the myth of self-interest and replace it with a model of cooperation in our businesses, our government, and our lives.

Business consultant, psychologist and author of several books, including “Natural Born Leaders: Why People Blindly Follow”, Dr. Perry W. Buffington, Ph.D. states in his paper, Competition vs. Cooperation, “Which works better, competition or cooperation? The answer, without equivocation, is cooperation. Although most people are surprised by this, scientists have repeatedly verified it in hundreds of studies since the late 1800s.” He further states, “If in fact competition brings out the “beast” in us, then research demonstrates that cooperation surely brings out the “best” in us. This finding has been held in virtually every occupation, skill, or behavior tested.”

The studies are too numerous to list here – you can do your own research and determine for yourself if we are better as a species to cooperate with each other or to remain competitive with each other? I believe we are moving towards a more altruistic society and away from the world of competition. Perhaps this is the change the ancient elders were talking about for the shift of 2012. We can only hope so.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

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Blake believes that joy is our natural state of being and that cooperation gets us further than conflict.