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What You Attract will Manifest

boomerangIn the past, your life was governed, whether you knew it or not, by several universal laws. One of the most potent of these laws was the law of attraction — that basically says like attracts like. What you thought about or what your true unconsciousness intentions were would send a message to the universe and the universe would deliver appropriately based on your thoughts and intentions. But sometimes you had to work hard to make what you wanted really happened—your intent needed to be clear, true and intense.

In 2013 and beyond, as a result of The Shift, the need for such focused intensity has softened. In other words, you will be able to attract or manifest in a quicker, easier manner. Good news, yes—up to a point. However, this new aspect can have boomerang effect. If you’re thoughts are on negative aspects, these too will manifest quicker. There used to be a lengthier span of time before manifestation would begin to occur. This has been shortened by at least 10 seconds or more. Doesn’t sound like much until you factor in that it only takes less than two minutes to begin manifestation vibration to set up, if your intention is focused. Now it doesn’t have to be focused as much and events and actions will occur to supplement your intentions in a shorter period of time.

Now you have to start paying better attention to your own awareness, actions, thoughts and deeds. If you haven’t done so already, start now to pay attention. It will serve you in the future. Better to pay attention now—than to have regrets later.

Light & Love Always,
Blake & The Divine Guidance Team