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Happy New Year – 2015!

Happy New Year !!  Welcome 2015!!

Let us bring in the New Year with renewed spirit of hopefulness and illumination! The world continues to change day by day. We are in the dawn of a cycle of life, love and the pursuit of happiness.  With any cycle there will be much exploration, some chaos and much debate throughout the year. Life if what we make it no matter what the calendar says. The Universe is alNew Yearways listening to you and your intentions.  You do create your own reality.

Now is the time to examine your life and figure out where you want to be this time a year from now. Do you want to be healthier? Have more money in the bank? Have a better love life? Gain a better job? What do you intent for your life to look like a year from now?

How about just settling for being happier all around?!

Everyday you are ‘ascending’ towards your own chosen destiny and fate. You chose whether to go the high road or low road–to ascend or to descend. You do so by every action, thought and deed you have.

What actions, thoughts and deeds will you perform this year? How will they serve you towards your intentions?

Keeping a journal helps with your spiritual journey. It can help keep you on course and see where you strayed.  Don’t beat yourself up if you stray — just adjust your sail and continue on the course that makes you the happiest and most fulfilled.

2015 is a new year of promise, hope and light. We here at Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being wish you the happiest of New Years and the brightest hope for your beginning in the New Era.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
The Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

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New Information from the Team

Don’t you love when the Divine Guidance Team speaks to us directly?
Are you ready for the next part of the roller coaster ride?
The Divine Guidance Team tells us a bit of what to expect and how to endure the ride

Message of Love from the Divine Guidance Team

Messages from angels and ascended mastersYou will be receiving quite a bit of information over the next few months as your energies continue to shift like blowing sands in the desert.  Ancient wisdom is coming forth from near and far and you may find yourselves being pulled in more than one direction.

Simply take a deep breath and continue to breathe.  Ponder this new information before allowing it to serve you one way or another.  Can you accept the reality of this information?  Does it conflict with other information?  To what degree?  Or is it that this new information feeds other information or is being conveyed in a similar yet different fashion or different perspective?

Remember there is no right or wrong really.  So it is fine to read this new information and to shift through it, perhaps only taking bits and pieces here and there and discarding the rest, according to your own spiritual path.

But stay open too.  For as more information comes into play, so your path will wind around to and fro, and move you forward with each step you take.  Don’t disregard or dismiss; simply ponder it.  Think about it the way one would do at a wine tasting.

The people who wine taste look at the wine while they swirl it in their glass; they sniff the aroma and bouquet of the beverage.  They swirl and sip, rolling the taste around on their tongue.  They ponder the opacity, the aroma and finally the flavor of the wine– all different elements of the same wine before they compare it to the other wines they have tasted.    It is an art and can be a complex one at that.

Regard information in the same careful manner as the wine taster
and clarity will be yours more easily.

Once you have pondered and accepted as truth, to whatever degree you so choose, wait for your world to shift further.  Changes may be subtle or large; again take change at this time in stride, so you don’t lose focus, cause confusion and frustration or otherwise react in a less than positive manner.   The world around you may feel as its losing its grip, but you stay strong and positive, knowing all will be alright with the world for greater powers than you are in charge.  Take heart and keep the faith during your upcoming season of light and infinite love.

Light a candle to honor those who have gone before you and give where and when you can.  Remember you are not alone, so keep vigil with others and together honor life, hearth, family and friends.

Some of you may feel various effects as the world is changing.  Moodiness, dizziness and frustration are common side effects of this shifting time span.  Watch for those who are short-tempered, especially those who aren’t usually such; again they are simply being affected by the time of The Shift.  Time may speed up or slow down—often in the same day!  Flow may come in great amounts and then become deserts.  Be prepared for such dry spells, which include money, relationships, luck and other types of personal flows.  Know that you may not be attracting these as much as passing through these times.  Again, stay as positive as possible.  Make it a point to practice spiritually daily affirmations, prayers or sayings that help get your through your ordinary day.  These are not ordinary times, so double your efforts where needed.

We are telling you this not to scare or frighten you but simply allowing you to be aware of all that is swirling and dancing around you, now, as your year comes to a close. 

Go ahead and make plans; just be sure to put in some back up plans too.   Don’t hoard, but don’t overspend.  Always love and give and know you will receive back more generously than what was given.

Now that your lifetime karma is now at rest, but remain kind to others for cause and effect are still in motion.

Love, laugh and be joyous.  Let the world continue to spin on its axis, it will or without you, regardless of your actions.  Pay those that would hurt you and taunt you or mock you no heed.  They have empty voices.  Greater powers will deal with them appropriately.

Picture what you desire—set your intent and think happy thoughts about your desire.  Watch it appear before your eyes in ways and means you can’t imagine now.  Allow happiness and joy to be yours.

Allow others their peace and know that your story is not theirs and their story is not yours.  Live your life—not the life of others.   You cannot live their life and they cannot live yours.  Make peace with this.

Remember always, you are loved.  Very, very greatly.  You are a prize no matter what you or anyone else thinks.  You are a wonderful being full of life and have many gifts to give.

In this time of Thanksgiving, we honor those who paved the way before us and we give thanks to them who showed us the way to today.  Let us appreciate all that we have now as we march boldly towards tomorrow.

Peace and Blessings to All,

The Divine Guidance Team: Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Lord Master Kuthumi and Master Yeshua, Orion Energy Beings of Light-Malachi, Bartholomew and Ellery, Mother Mary and Magdalena, Merlin and Kuan Jung, Saint Germaine and Serapis Bey, and all of us Light Beings who love and adore you.  Thank you for allowing us to come into your lives and help you in your quest for illumination.


I believe the Divine Guidance Team is growing….such wonderful guidance from such wonderful beings!

I hope that we continue to aid in illuminating your path and help light your way.

With Love and Light Blessings Always,

Blake Cahoon, Founder and Co-Creator
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Pleasant Prairie, WI
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A New Year But The Shift Continues

Illuminated Engagements-The ShiftIt’s a new year and we are now passed the dreaded December 21, 2012 end of the world scenario. We have however reached the pinnacle stage of energies that started in the 1980’s and will continue for the next few years. Many were told they would ascend into a 5th dimension and that their bodies would become crystalized and something significant would happen to them that fateful day. Many are now being told that the ascension into the 5th dimension has happened and the bodies are crystalline now and the crystalline grid is now in place and is fully operational.

Great. But what does all this really mean? What does it mean now that we’re in 2013? How does it affect you and your life in the days, months and years ahead?

Over the next several weeks, the Divine Guidance Team is going to present you with what you need to know in relationship to what they term as “The Shift” that took place and is still reverberating within our presence. They say the vibration energies of The Shift will continue for at least three to five years and you will have to adjust to new global and local transitions of living. Various significant global and local events have been and will continue to reshape our world, our country and our lives. We have decisions to make how we want our world to move forward and what kind of world we want to life in. From the Divine Guidance Team’s point of view, these decisions are strictly ours and there is no right or wrong. It simply is one path versus another path. Sometimes these paths may cross, merge or separate again.

They do say that what were shades of gray in terms of events, decisions, life and culture processes are now more distinct; sharper in contrast. Also what we desire to manifest will come more quickly, so it is wise to begin conducting ourselves with more self-awareness in the regard. While the Law of Attraction is as strong as ever, if not more so; other universal laws are modifying in vibration, meaning and consequence, while others are coming more into play.

We have exciting times ahead of us, with more freedoms to choose to shape and mold our lives the way we want to. We will have more opportunities for enhanced and powerful living. I look forward to providing more information from the Divine Guidance Team to you in the weeks and months ahead!

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary, Illuminator & Transmitter
The Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

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