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8 Tips to Keep Communication Open

During the holiday season, we all need to remember to communicate better.

How are you showing up when you talk with others?

Communication is key when you’re attempting to get your message across to others.  This is true for our jobs as well as our friendships, family relationships and loved ones relationships.  Too often we speak in vague, even abbreviated language to each other which lead to half-heard conversations and half-understood meanings.

Between our social media and our advertising billion dollar industry alone we are bombarded with misleading, propagandized and non-truthful messages all day long.

How much conversation do you truly have with another person anymore?

As a member of what I have long termed ‘corporate world’ I see this type of ‘non-communication’ communication all the time.   It takes email after email just to get a simple point across or a simple discussion to be had.  And half the time, employees are so much in a rush, they only half read the email at best.  And thus miscommunication – and misunderstanding is born.  I call this: ‘non-communication’ communication.

IMG_1947Parents of teenagers are well aware of ‘non-communication’ communication.  Ask a teen what he’s doing and he will shrug and probably said, “Nuthin’.”   Ask him a more direct question and she’ll answer or whine, “I don’t know,” followed often with a roll of their eyes.

That kind of behavior from my niece in her teenage years drove me nuts  — bless her patient mother!  I’m just now beginning to establish relations with my niece now that she’s now 65 years old!

Husbands and wives get into fights because they don’t communicate.  A grunt does not a conversation make.  A whine or a shrill voice will only make another shut down.  Walls are created when communications break down.

Suddenly you are like two countries –fighting about semantics and dealing with bruised egos.  Over what?  Is it really that important?  Or are we holding on to false belief systems that no longer serve us?

This upcoming week is Thanksgiving week — how are you and your loved ones plan to celebrate?  Will it start with good conversational habits?  Maybe it’s time to start communicating effectively.

Here’s are 8 communication tips to get started:

  •  Try to really stop and listen to each other.
  • Don’t attempt to figure out how you’re going to respond and what you’re going to say while the conversation in in play.  Listen and then form an opinion or response when it’s your turn to speak.
  • Gain clarity if a meaning is unclear.
  • Do it in a neutral tone.
  • Don’t get angry or frustrated.
  • If the conversation is important, write down salient points that can be discussed.
  • Learn to compromise.
  • Let your ego go and know you don’t always have to be right.

Communication is key to relationships – no matter who they are with.  Opening yourself up to good conversation etiquette can help you in your work, your family life, your love life and with your friends.

Be kind to yourself and others this holiday season and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

How are you communicating with others?
Do you practice good conversation etiquette?
Are your conversations working for or against you?

Share your communication practices with us and let’s learn together how to change habits for the better!  Practice allowing yourself to attract that which you desire and wish to manifest by learning from others.  It starts with you!   What are you telling the Universe?

Remember: The Universe always agrees with you.  What are you telling it?

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Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel/Writer/Teacher
The Angelic Path
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
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