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Learn about Abundance


Each week day we offer our Daily Messages from the Divine Guidance Team.  I’m going to try and offer several of these message here so these fine messages can reach a larger audience.  Hope you enjoy this one on Abundance!


Here’s today’s message from the Divine Guidance Team:

Abundance is a popular subject with humans; for of course you immediately think of money when you speak of abundance.

But to be clear, we divine beings think of abundance as more than just money.  If you have love, great health, lots of friends, lots of ‘stuff’, lots of food, a great house and a great job – well, all of that is abundance too.  Of course for most of you in order to have all of that you have a great deal of money to boot – and then you don’t ask for money – or abundance – for you already have it!

When you have money, you don’t ask for more and this is when you should be asking.  For when you are set up within the vibration of enough money (or anything for that matter), it is much easier to manifest it in your lives, then when you don’t.  For when don’t have enough of money (or anything else for that matter (do you start to see a pattern here?), you are not in a vibration of receiving more, you are worried about the lack of the money instead.  And when you are in “lack” mode – worrying and fearing that which you lack, you cannot move to a “have” mode.  The frequency of the vibration is too far apart and in order for you to manifest anything, your frequency has to match or align to that which you are attempting to manifest.

So when you send out vibes of “lack”, you receive more “lack”.  But when you’re already in a happy place of not needing or “non-lack”, then you’re in a different vibrational frequency.  And manifestation occurs easily, because you’re manifesting from a different angle.  Do you understand?  This is the law of attraction at work: like attracts or brings to it like.

This is why the rich are rich – they understand that you don’t start worrying about money when you’re running out of it – but rather you work at retaining and maintaining your wealth at all times.

In fact, if you are complaining about the rich and you want to be rich – you never can be.  For you can’t attract your desires if you are complaining about them (this again goes for more than just money.)

So bless the rich and when you have a few dollars in your pocket that you satisfied with, then begin your attraction for more.  Use your affirmations and inspirational sayings before, not after.  Think of your money in terms of good, not evil.  Bless the rich and wealthy — and if you can’t then study the situation further and learn that not all rich people are evil.  There are many they are wonderful rich people who are kind and giving people.  Find them and study them.  And ask when you have, not when you have not.  And abundance will be yours.

Many Blessings of Light & Love,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path
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After Note:  Tithing and giving also are methods of allowing abundance to flow back to you.  Try it and see!