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Time to Adjust the Sails

Photo by Blake Cahoon

Don’t you love January?  It’s a time of renewed energy and beginnings for most of us as we usher in a new year.  It’s a time of reflection about what happened in the previous year.  It allows us to gauge how far we’ve come and allows us to aim for new horizons.

This year in the Midwest we’ve had several challenges —we had the polar vortex come down and put us into a deep freeze (don’t you love these new-fangled terms that the media gives us??) and on a personally level, I’ve had a cold/flu for the last several weeks (the reason why I missed 2 weeks of blogs!) I’m hoping this crazy type of weather and bout of bad health isn’t indicative of what the new year is planning on bringing—how that for pessimism?

Say what??  Blake is being pessimistic.  That isn’t like her!

Okay, so I’m using that phrase as an example.  Whatever your current situation is—you can change it.  I have several situations that I want to change currently and I’m working on each one of them.  How?

To begin with, I wake up each morning with a prayer of appreciation and gratitude and then I set my intentions –a short list of what I generally would like to accomplish that day.  It helps me set the tone and mood for the day.  I also state that intent to have a good attitude about the day.

This simple exercise done in a thirty second space when I’m stretching and yawning my way to my feet, as I roll out of bed, helps me deliver the goods each and every day.  I end the day with another prayer of appreciation and gratitude; appreciating what I did accomplish that day without focusing on what I didn’t accomplish.

Law of attraction tells us that we have to focus on what we want and not what we don’t want.  Easy said than done.  So one aspect of the law of attraction that we’ll be looking at this year.

2014 is a year of refocusing, realigning and readjusting, the Divine Guidance Team tells me.  2012 started a movement, 2013 shook the place up and now we’re settling down with a renewed aim.  We’ll be exploring more of this new energy coming in as we continue into 2014.

We’ll be providing you with new tools and offerings to help you realign your energies, renew your focus and readjust your sails to move into the space you desire to go.  Come journey with us and discover your new worlds!

Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon & the Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Pleasant Prairie, WI

Our Soul Sound Healing for 2014 is almost ready!  You’ll be able to obtain vibrational healing codes from the archangels and ascended masters!  Coming soon!