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Advice People Ignore –But Shouldn’t

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We’ve all done stupid things in our life. We’ve all ignored other’s good advice and gone in the different direction. Especially when we’re young and still exploring life in its fullest.

When I was young and naive, many would tell me the things I should and shouldn’t do in life. I didn’t listen to a lot of their advice. Looking back, I don’t have regrets–well at least not strong regrets. But now at least I see the wisdom of their advice, even if it was wrong for me at the time.

I look back then and wish I had more wisdom–I wouldn’t trade my 20 year old body back for the wisdom I have today. That’s what Martha Beck’s article is about — true wisdom. This is the stuff we can’t afford to ignore–at any age. Learn these lessons now and make your life easier within hours!

Somethings we shouldn’t ignore. Martha Beck tells us why.


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