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Affirmations: How Do Words Keep You on the Spiritual Path?

nirvanaIt’s very easy to fall off the bliss wagon once we’ve returned home from a spiritual retreat. One harsh or cross word from a family member will do the trick. Or heading into work and wondering if what you are doing is actually contributing to anything will make you think twice about life.

One trick I use is daily affirmations to keep me motivated to stay on my spiritual path. I also put up some motivational sayings around my desk and some pretty pictures that allow me to momentarily escape my work life. Here’s one affirmation I use that you may copy and use too: “I am moving in life with ease, joy, purpose, meaning and divine guidance that brings great blessings daily.”

While not every day do I actually believe in this saying, it does help me to remember to reframe my attitude if I’m not being appreciative of my daily blessings. And I do have lots. Over the last few weeks I’ve been dealing with some personal issues -–yes, even with the Divine Guidance Team, there are days that I flounder and even fail. But the time I beat myself up about these days of contrasting experiences, as the Team would say, are much less than they used to be. Because I do recognize: ‘this too shall pass.’

My posted affirmations helps me to get back to my original intentions, goals and the life I am creating—day by day, week by week and month by month. The power of the written and spoken words is powerful. Even the Bible starts out with “In the beginning, there was the Word….”. Indeed words create worlds!

So find a few pictures that remind you of your intentions and help you get back on track. Post an affirmation or two for about 20 days or so and see where it takes you.

It’s OK to get off track—for a while. Reality has a way of doing that to us. It provides us a wonderful window of contrast to show what we don’t want, so we can go after what we do want. Some of us simply tolerate the pain of having what we don’t want longer than others. Your threshold of pain and discomfort is yours to discern. You simply may not be ready yet—but affirmations –simple in the present sayings spoken in the positive may help get ready sooner.

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary, Illuminator & Transmitter
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Blake prints her various helpful motivational and inspirational prayers, affirmations and passages so she can practice them everyday. It helps to refocus her towards her true purpose.