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Reduce Your Anxiety

Kids Getting on a School Bus
The new school year is almost here–and fall is upon us–well, at least here north of the equator! Here in the States (yep folks–we’re now getting readership from South America, Africa and I think–Australia! Or I think we are–could be just spam!)–where was I? Oh yes–here in the United States, the day after our Labor Day holiday–usually around Sept 1st, is almost the start of a new year–because of school. The hot weather is finally behind us (it was brutual for all of us this year, wasn’t it?) and the cool weather starts to set in. I love fall! I was born in November–so this time of the year is special to me.

But for parents –this can be a time of high anxiety and stress–due to the new school year! Getting kids back to school and back on a regular routine — can be tough! And even those of us who don’t have children in school — we now have to watch for the school buses, who may make us wait while the school kids board, while we tap our steering wheels with impatient fingers, worried about getting to work on time.

Life seems to pick up energy at this time of year — and our anxiety level may pick up too. I came across an article that might help ease the pain of anxiety. It looks at three ways to deal with tough, anxiety ridden situations.

We don’t need to overwhelm ourselves with life’s challenges. Instead embrace them as learning experiences.

Read the article here:

How do you overcome anxiety? Let us know!

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