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Things That Go Bump in the Night – Part 2

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We are re- presenting our 5 part series on Things That Go Bump in the Night.  Enjoy!

So, in our last blog, we briefly discussed shadow people and provided a Catholic prayer for protection from Archangel Michael.

Many use this prayer or another longer version or a Biblical verse to help protect them again that which you refer to as demonic spirits. Many also wear crosses or the Star of David or some other holy relic in a necklace or amulet form, to help protect them from evil.

Now many people are fearful and let fear rule their lives. Before the invention of the light bulb, man most feared the dark and that which could reside in the dark.

If you’ve ever been on a camping trip, out in the dark wilderness and the safety of a reassuring night light, and aren’t familiar with the area or the denizens of Mother Nature at night, the imagination can go wild and fear can settle in and terrify you. We even tell each other ghost stories to stir up the fright. Early man had many fears –from wild animals to other men who would do him and his family harm—and stories of wild beasts in the night became the legends and mythology of werewolves and vampire lore.

The Catholic and Christian Church have done much over the last two thousand years to keep man in check and the Church in power. They have done this with the use of powerful fear methods. History will tell us that the invention of the Devil was produced to keep the fear going. Religion kept both men and women under its thumb with this real threat of the devil and the concept of Hell. This threat often was realized by burning, torturing and otherwise killing people off who dared to stand up to the Church and go against that which had declared sacrosanct. Witness the witch burnings of the 12th – 17th centuries and the Spanish Inquisition.

It is easy to believe in the Devil and the power of Satan when the Church continues to propagate such stories and produces such action. It wasn’t until the atomic bomb was detonated that we found out that the Devil may not lie within the pages of the Bible and in the structures of the Church, but may indeed lie within ourselves.

The Divine Guidance Team says: “Look in the mirror and you will find true evil. For there are good people in this world and there are many ‘bad’ people in the world. Those that would cause tremendous harm to another whether in life or in death—these are those you refer to as ‘bad’. And this is where negative entities truly come from. People who have left their earthly body and not passed through the Light and gone to Heaven, but stayed behind for whatever reason—this is the being which you fear in the night. This is the main source of your negative entities and evil beings. Call them demons in life and you can call them demons in death. They would do you harm in life and would do so in death.”

The good news though is that the Living always has power over the Dead. And again, call on the angels to remove them from your presence. Sprinkle kosher sea salt, sage your home, bless it with dragon’s blood and frankincense. These are all tools to chase away that which would want to cause you harm.

Many negative entities come through intentional or unintentional calling. We’ll address that in our next blog. As well as those that come from different dimensions and may cause us fright.

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Channel/Angel Intuitive
for the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path
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Blake wants to also acknowledge that the Christian and Catholic Churches have also done a great deal of social work over the decades.

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Who is Archangel Michael?


Archangel Michael is one of the best known Archangels. While there are quite a few archangels, the most familiar archangels known are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

Originally the Archangel Michael was known as the Archangel of War. This is why he is often depicted as carrying a sword or in a fighting stance. His mission today is one of peace, my own angelic guide, Elijah tells me. His mission is to cut through human’s fears so that humans can better connect with their Source. Archangel Michael is also known as the great protector and his name is loosely translated to “Who is like God?”

Archangel Michael has appeared to many modern channels and psychics and he has allowed his image and name to be put into books, movies, literature and art. Check out the movie, “Michael” starring John Travolta for an irreverent look at the archangel.

Archangel Michael is associated with night, winter and the color blue. He also aids in cutting etheric cords that get attached to us by associating with other people in dramatic situations.

Call upon Archangel Michael anytime you are battling with any tough situation or need protection.  He is always there for you!

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
The Angelic Path
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A New Year is Upon Us

The Angelic Path
The New Year is almost here!

2017 is upon us.  In just a few short days a new year will be here.  Numerological speaking it’s a “1” year for all – 2 +0+1+7=10; cross out the zero and you have “1”.  What does this mean?

“One” years are foundations for things to come over the next 10 years and new beginnings.  The old falls away and the new begins to take shape.

So what will the new year bring? In America, as well as many places around the world, new and different types of leaders are ushering in new and different types of leadership.  For those who can tolerate the changes, or even welcome those changes, this time can be very exciting.  For those who do not trust their leadership, this type can be upsetting, confusing, frustrating and a host of negatively charged vibrations and emotions.

How people react to the world around them will always set up their own emotional patterns and set the tone for any year.  For this upcoming year, the energies are added to by the new beginnings energies.  One should have this in their mind going forward. 

Change can be difficult for many and yet so many have asked for change.  New beginnings energies enhance 

The world is changing.

this change for new beginnings in and of itself are change.  So this upcoming year will be a year full of changes.

It will be doubly important for humans to take care of themselves physically, emotional and spiritual as a result of all of the new energies that swirl around.  It is best to separate yourselves from those that refuse to stop rocking the boat – not only globally but as local as your own personal life.

The more peace you allow into your life and purposeful intent, the better off you will be.

This means separating yourself from news stories that can and will upset you; remaining diligent in your own intentions, personal vows and aspirations and doubly down on being with people who uplift you  and situations that make your heart sing.

Reading biographies (or watching movies or inspirational TV or YouTube shows) on people who have come through adverse times and struggles may help you understand what change is all about.  Support groups may also help, as long as they are constructive and not destructive. Reading spiritual material and following spiritual people that resonate with you can also be helpful. 

It’s time to let go old energies including toxic people, jobs and other situations that do not lift your spirits, but degrade them.  Begin easing toxic and negative people out of your life by blessing them and sending them mentally on their way.  Ask Archangel Michael to cut their cords from you. 

The economy is now better for many; time to get additional training and/or schooling; re-edit your resume and start looking for new opportunities, if your job is toxic or not fulfilling.  Just switching jobs may help you in the long run, if your place is too toxic.  Remember in today’s current economy long-term jobs are a thing of the past.  Aim for short-term if you must or try your hand at entrepreneurship.  There are plenty of online and local community college courses business courses that you can take, that cost next to nothing.  Ask others how they got started for free advice.  People love to talk about themselves and what they do –take advantage of this pleasant fact. 

2017 is a year of new beginnings and new opportunities.  Avail yourself of the knowledge and opportunities out there.  Begin a new year journal and jot down daily your intentions, activities, reactions to previous day’s events and what you are looking forward to. 

You’ve heard every January that “This is Your Year”….but truly this is your year of “1” with new beginnings, new information and new activities.   Watch for your expectations to begin to manifest in your life in new, pleasantly unexpected ways – and as always, ask your angels for help, any time and in almost any way.  You simply have to ask and then look for the signs as newness appears before you.

Happy New Year!!!

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Writer/Teacher/Channel
The Angelic Path
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Channeling Demetrius – A Discussion on Obtaining Money

In the years 2006 – 2008, I channeled a loving group of higher source beings which called themselves a chorus of loving beings. As a group they were known as Demetrius. We held various live channeling sessions in my home and others and taped the event.

I have began to re-edit this material and post it on YouTube under “Demetrius Speaks”. This is in preparation for new material coming forth from the Board of Directors of this company, Illuminated Engagements. We are putting together Live Channeling Events starting in July for small groups of people. We are asking for a love donation, 20% of the proceeds will be going to charity. The Illuminated Engagements group is strong advocates for paying it forward and this is our plan and our intention as we continue to move forward with this work.

I have including the first of several YouTube videos that will be posted, here for your viewing pleasure. It is about 10 minutes long and Demetrius, who I am channeling, talks about money and the Law of Attraction. Let us know what you think….and as always Thank you for your continued support!

Click the link to be taken to the YouTube site: Demetrius Speaks – Session 3 – Law of Attraction and Money

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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Blake now channels the Illuminated Engagements group of beings and will be providing both live channeling events and written materials in the future.

My Gift

For years, I have been providing readings to people off and on. Call them angel readings or intuitive readings or psychic readings—this is an ability I’ve been gifted with and I believe I’ve served people well over the years. Many have told me that I should be providing this spiritual reading service much more often; maybe make it my full time occupation.

Up to now, I have firmly resisted this advice for several reasons, including some powerful readings I did a few years back that frankly startled me into backing off from my abilities. Because I deal with people’s lives in a confidential manner, I can’t reveal the details. But I realized even then, that my abilities would never leave me. I still talked with my angels and did readings, but only to establish clients.

However my angels reminded me that I really need to provide this service to all people. Slowly my angels wore down my reluctance and encouraged me to study more so I wouldn’t become so spooked again. So over the last few years I have studied as my Divine Guidance Team grew spiritually more powerful. They grew my talents as well and now I have regular conversations with Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, as well as three new Master Guides: Malachi, Bartholomew and Ellery. I feel very privileged that these powerful archangels have decided to work with me.

It was their prompting that created Illuminated Engagements and its purpose: to provide a communication platform for them to speak to you through me. They named the company and are co-creators in its inception and operations. I think sometimes they call the shots much more than I do. But I am a willing participant and again feel so blessed to provide reading and channeling services to those who chose to embrace and engage these services.
This page started as a blog entry, but ultimately it is the About Us page too. I am an intuitive spiritual channel/reader. I talk with the angels and with the Master Guides. I talk with loved ones who have passed and the occasional wandering spirit/ghost. I don’t tell fortunes and predict the future. I can’t tell you what the lottery numbers will be. Play if you want—if you’re meant to win, you will.

I can provide you the opportunity to talk with angels and allow their message of love and joy bring peace to you. I can provide you the possible opportunity to talk with a loved one who has passed, and perhaps explain why they passed too soon. I can provide the opportunity to have you talk with Master Spirit Guides who want the very best for you and your life and will provide the wisdom to a life you desire.

I hope you will provide me the opportunity to serve you in this renewed and powerful capacity. Thank you.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being