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Weekly Angel Message – August 17 – 23, 2015 – A Busy Week

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Kids are heading back to school!

Month Overview – August 2015

This month may be an overly busy one for you.  The Blue Moon/Full Moon energies will be at play during the first week in August and the world keeps attempting to realign itself for something bigger, that’s coming our way in September.
Your world situation seems chaotic at times this month, especially towards the beginning of the month; things will settled down towards the end of the month, at least in the world.  There’s a whirlwind of activity as last minute vacations are made and the children go back to school.  Make sure you allow enough downtime for yourself and your family during the busy month of August.  Be sure you don’t stray too far off the diet/exercise path.  Remember always to ask your angels for help on a daily basis.

Week of August 17 – 23, 2015 – A Busy Week

Monday and Tuesday – More busy-ness this week will occur and your work will not be as productive.  Sometimes when you get too busy, you’re just spinning your wheels.  Multi-tasking isn’t as productive as you make it out to be; in fact it can be more of a distraction then productive.  Take it one step and one task at a time this week.  Especially on Monday and Tuesday – the energies are a bit erratic and the more you try to buck the flow, the less productive you will be and your frustrations will only grow.
Wednesday – Friday – Wednesday you often refer to as Hump Day (because it is in the middle of your week).  It is like a speed bump you have to maneuver slowly across.  So it is this Wednesday, when you find yourself going over life’s speed bumps this day.  If you go too quick, you’ll be in for a rough ride and could damage your (metaphorically-speaking) car.   Slow it down, think before you act or speak and you should be okay.
If you slowed it down on Wednesday, the rest of the week will be smooth sailing.  However if you didn’t, the seas could be rough.  Don’t let your ego get the best of you and remember that endings may just be beginnings in disguise.
Saturday and Sunday – Hey, you survived this week!  Did you remember to ask your angels for help? They are always there to help guide and protect you.  If you didn’t rock the boat, then reward yourself.  If you did, re-examine this week, the actions you took and why you took them.  Figure out how you feel about this week.  Time to start digging a bit deeper!
CherubsThank you!   May your week be blessed and full of light!  Remember to ask your angels for help!
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