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Best of Blogs: The Universe Always Agrees with You

Every day take one step forward towards your goal. Get up each morning with a gracious heart, an open mind and a fresh attitude. Name your intentions for the day. Thank the Creator for giving you another day to accomplish and move towards those intentions.

Realize that today’s words, deeds, actions and especially thoughts will dictate tomorrow’s events and life circumstances.

Illuminated EngagementsEach day we are given a new chance to change what we didn’t like from yesterday. Move towards what you want and do not give focus to that which you do not want. Remember like attracts like – this is the Law of Attraction. Whatever you focus on –whether it is what you want OR what you don’t want –that is what the Universe will give to you. So if you concentrate and focus on the lack of what you want—the Universe will give you more lack. For the Universe always agrees with you. What are you telling it?

Tell it what you want –what you expect—what you desire—what you intend. Not what you don’t want –what you don’t expect or what you don’t desire or intent. Because the Universe doesn’t hear that you don’t want something –it doesn’t hear the negatives – it hears only the focus and picks up on your vibration of the desire.

Do you want a different set of circumstances in your life? Stop telling the same story—you’ll only get more of the same if you do. Start telling a better, different, more positive story. And keep telling it—no matter what. Because it is how the Universe will manifest to you your desires –tell a better more positive store and what the better more positive results flow into your life.

Remember—the Universe always agrees with you. What are you telling it?

With Light and Love Always,
Blake Cahoon, Channel and Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Author of “Connecting with Angels: Communicating with God’s Messengers” available at Amazon.com

Best of Blogs: Discovering Your Life Purpose

Illuminated EngagementsBest of Blogs: Discovering Your Life Purpose
Originally published April 2012

Note: Our First Anniversary approaches! Last year we we’re were just coming into focus and launched our company in late April. For simplicity sake we’re announcing April 21 as our official anniversary date. Watch for specials and other announcements coming soon as celebrate!

This blog was written just after our launch date and provides some great info on life and purpose. Enjoy!

Lately we’ve been talking about finding your own purpose. I’m probably writing more about this subject lately, as I have recently found my own purpose—which is providing high wisdom as a channel. I channel my own Divine Guidance Team, which has formed the foundation of Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being. We recently has a Live Channeling Event, the first of many to come and was astounded by the information that came through.

Some of the subject matter touched on life purpose, and also the new paradigm Law of Responsibility which is replacing the older model of the Law of Karma. By releasing your karma, which you now have the ability to do as our world shifting and changing, you replace this law with one of responsibility –you are the creator of your own actions, deeds, works and words. You have a personal responsibility to act in the best interest of yourself and at the same time in the best interest of others. All must be for the highest good.

The immature mind and soul may take these words and twist them for their own gain, thinking that their actions are in the best interest of others—but this is not the case. All must be in balance and harmony, under additional universal laws that remain in place. Once we take into account other universal laws and merge them together, will we then live in harmony and true balance.

Nature strives for balance in all things. Your life purpose therefore must in balance and harmony with your own true self. It is your own responsibility to discover and explore your life purpose which has been designed to be a unique and personal blend of what you are naturally talented at and that which you enjoy the most.
To help you continue to explore your life purpose, I have come across an on-line article by spiritual teacher and author Caroline Myss. Please read it over and let this knowledge sink into your being. See if it resonates with you and your way of thinking. Ponder the meaning of life and your own life purpose and see how you may change your life for the better as a result:


With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary, Illuminator and Transmitter
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