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Can You Have Too Much Peace?

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Can you have too much peace and contentment in your life?
Are you making too much drama in your life?
Are you bored with your life?

There’s a new TV show this year that depicts a young mom who is a recovering alcoholic and whose own mother, who now lives with her, was a drug addict and alcoholic and whose teenage daughter is pregnant.  Further she was dating her married boss.  In other words, her life is a mess.  The TV show is ‘Mom’, a CBS Monday night comedy.  The comedy demonstrates what can happen when a person is trying to clean up their past acts, find more peace and joy in their lives and yet never is able to quite get there.

Christy and her Mom Photo Credit - CBS
Christy and her Mom
Photo Credit – CBS

In my opinion, it’s a slice of life that is too often part of our own reality.  While we here at Illuminated Engagements are in the business of attempting to guide you towards a better life –one with more peace and contentment, joy and success and add in an understanding of the spiritual and metaphysical world to boot.  We have found that many people say they are ready for such an adventure, but then turn their backs or run away when faced with such a real possibility of a saner and more comfortable life.  Why?

There was an episode later in the TV season of ‘Mom’, where Christy, the central figure, is at an AA meeting and reveals the answer. She relates that for the first time in a long, long time her life is going great.  Work is good (she dumps the married boss); her own mother is now clean and sober and really helping out around the house; her work is doing fine (she’s a waitress, but is looking for something better, but isn’t quite knowing that that is yet); and her daughter is going have a family adopt the baby (although there is some push back from the father of the baby—hey, something has to keep the show going!).

All in all, there is no real crisis or terrible problems in Christy life she realizes as she voices her story out loud to the AA group. And then she looks around, shocked and announces, “Life is suddenly really boring.”  Where’s the drama?  She laments.  Where is the fun?  She’s not really sure how to deal with her life actually working for a change.

As I watched this episode, I could see her plight.  I’ve had my share of drama in the past and I have made the mistake of announcing to the Universe, “I’m bored….” like some kids just out of school on summer vacation.  Well, the Universe heard me and provided me with plenty of drama quickly.  Yikes!  I worked my way out of it, gradually, and I’m now very careful not to make such pronouncement going forward!  I prefer peace than chaos in my world.

Can you accept the peace you are asking for?

But I see a lot of people who can’t accept such peace in their lives.  They simply don’t know how to cope with everything working for them.  So of course they self-sabotage themselves and their lives—so peace is the furthest thing from their doorstep and they can continue to complain to others about their world.  They may continue their spiritual pursuits or may give them up, since they don’t seem to be working for them.  Either way they may not fully understand why their lives remain chaotic.

Alas the laws of the universe work whether we believe in them or not.  What we send out, does indeed come back to us—sometimes in spades!  We do cause our own reality and forget the way the universal laws really work.  Then we remember them, (if we were ever taught them) and for a while life gets good again.  Christy in ‘Mom’  is still learning this lesson and doesn’t really understand or know how universal laws work, although she is seen repeating affirmations with her young son in the car.  I imagine she will demonstrate her progress in her life as the show continues.   The show, while a comedy, can also teach us a thing or two about our own dramatic lives.

Life is a journey and we often cause our own problems (most of the time we do).  We look to blame others –including our government, children, financial institutions, bosses, parents and spouses, among others for our problems.  We can learn from life and occasionally from TV shows and movies.  The Universe responds to you, your thoughts and your actions –it doesn’t judge or even guide you (that the job of the Divine).   So if you can’t cope with the peace, joy, success and contentment in large doses, you might be able to take in smaller baby step doses.  It’s okay.  Because taking one step at a time is the point of your life’s journey.

Where do you stand in life?  Have too much drama?  Or too much peace?  Let us know and share with others!

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