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Ways to Lift Your Spirits

footballThese last few weeks have been rough for me—about 3 weeks ago, just as I decided to move to Rochester, NY—I got sick. All year long I’ve been suffering from bad allergies and in the Midwest, we’ve really had a bad allergy season.
On top of being congested because of the allergies, I got some sort of cold/bug which took its toll and I finally had to get antibiotics to knock it out. But then it wanted to come back! I’m still sucking on cough drops and taking allergy meds daily.

And yes—I admit—my life has seen better days. I’m being doubly life-challenged these days with making this business a full-time enterprise and moving to a new city. Losing a job (corporate contract up in March), moving back east and leaving my Illinois home are up there with major life changes. A good friend of mine who also lost her mate last year—right up there in Major Life Challenges; is doing the same thing—finding a new job and moving to a new city. Wow—when we take on life’s challenges—we do so in a big way, don’t we?!?

I’m very grateful that I have a wonderful support system. I have true friends, which includes my business coach, a great supportive family who are the reason I’m moving back east, and of course, the Divine Guidance Team! In a recent blog article from my business coach, she reminded me of why and how it’s important for me to regain my stability. She did this with quotes from a very famous football couch—Vince Lombardi. Reading these quotes really put my life back into perspective and I hope they help you too. Read what a great coach can write about another great coach’s quote here:


Of course I thanked for this great blog and I sent out my appreciation to the universe, knowing that energy will come back to me tenfold. Reading great quotes also lifts your vibration i.e. mood and can relief the blues.
Here’s to a great weekend!

With Love and Light Always,
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Power of Visualization for Businesses and Life!

Last year I hired a business coach to help rescue my flaying business which was really all over the place and where I wanted it to go? –I didn’t have a clue! My business coach was (and still is) great and as a result of working with her, this new business of mine (Illuminated Engagements) came together very quickly and my other business (Amethyst Moon), which is a sister site to this site got revamped.

One of the things, Maggie Mongan, my business rescue coach emphasizes is the power of visualization –imaging how your business looks and how you want it to look. She recently wrote about this in her weekly blog. These same principals can be applied to us in life. When we ask for something to manifest, we must first imagine what our desire looks like and apply true intent towards this desire. This action will allow the universe to feed our energy into manifestation.

I love what Maggie says in #1 – we must take time to perform this simple action for anything we want to create –whether it is for our business or our personal life. Visualization is a very powerful too.
What points does Maggie point out that ring true for you?

Read Maggie’s article here:

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
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Blake uses visualization and other methods to manifest what she wants, needs and desires.

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