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How’s the Drama in Your Life?

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Maya bit me! But with reason….

Moves can be traumatic, especially to pets.  My cat bit me hard on the hand, enough to draw blood, when I was attempting to get her into a cat carrier—something she was terrified of doing.  But to transport her to our new home, in she had to go and she protested—a lot!  Including biting my hand!

Don’t worry she’s now doing fine –she isn’t prone to biting.  But she was a scared cornered animal with a fight or flight instinct and she was doing both that day.  It what she knew to do at the time of this horrible ordeal.    My hand became swollen—I put on antiseptic and bandaged it.  When it happened I was dead tired from the move and chasing my cat around our old basement and up the stairs.  The blood frightened me as much as the cat was frightened.  I started telling everyone who would listen about horribleness of it all.  Fortunately I have patient friends and family.  My work colleagues not so much.

When I started to write this column, I realized that I suddenly wanted attention for my injury.  I needed to have that “I’m so sorry it happened” verbal acknowledgement and sympathy from others.  I realized I was even over emphasizing the whole affair with my descriptive storytelling, which I did even in this article.  Why?  Well, probably because I was overtired.  But the subsequent storytelling as outlined in this blog is to prove a point.   I’m using my overly dramatized story as an example of how we often do over dramatize our lives.  Sometimes to our own distraction.

How many friends or family members or work colleagues who you know or know of, who love to tell dramatic tales about themselves and their life?  Of perhaps you are guilty of such dramatic behavior.

Is there something always BIG happening in your life?  Is a child always sick, getting hurt or has something terrible happening to them?  Even when they are in their twenties and thirties, and beyond?

What about your spouse?  Your partner, mate, parents, work mates, siblings, friends or yourself?  How are you portraying the people in your life to others?  How are you portraying yourself to others?

It’s OK to share personal antidotes and the occasional incident to others but if your life is a complete train wreck—you may want to look at it twice and ask why?  And how are you contributing to the wreck?

I know of at least two people that I have had dealings with who are guilty of falling into the severe category of which I’m speaking.  Frankly I prefer peace in my life, so I don’t deal much with people who are so far removed, which is why there are only two.

These peoples’ lives are always so chaotic and dramatic.  One announces it regularly on Facebook.    And while their life may indeed be a roller coaster ride to them, I personally wouldn’t recommend publishing publically on social media.  Because creditors, police and employers look at this now.  This individual gains a great deal of sympathy—which I feel is probably why they put it out there.

The other person insists their life is full of quiet boredom, but whenever I talk with them, if it’s not one thing, it’s another!  Frankly it’s exhausting talking to this person—which is why I don’t!

And if you are using the term – “If it’s not one thing, it’s another” more than three times in 1 week—you have drama in your life!

We all have some drama in our life—it’s what makes life interesting.  But real and relentless drama is for the stage not your life.

We all want to be validated, we all want to be recognized, realized, accepted and otherwise paid attention to.  We all want to matter.

But there are productive life-giving methods of accomplishing this and there are destructive, life-destroying ways of standing out and saying “Hey world—look at me!”

We see this type of behavior all the time in the celebrity world.  Lindsey Lohan is one of the current poster children for this type of ill-suited attention grabbing behavior along with Justin Bieber, of late. The Kardasians—Kim, Khloe and company have made a living of such behavior, as do Lady Gaga and half the sports community.  These people make their living being publicity hounds and whores.  Great examples of over dramatic living, most of which are made up to keep the publicity train going.

But chances are you don’t fall into their category of stardom and celebrity hood.  And do you really want to?

But there are many who do fall into this world, quite intentionally; although probably unconsciously and unaware of their stoking the fires to keep their lives dramatic.  How do you live your life?  In drama or in peace?

If you just said you haven’t seen peace in a long time—then watch out!  You could fall into the category of over dramatization!

Life is meant to be experienced with joy and not with grief.  An overly dramatized life is one typically of grief.  It certainly isn’t peaceful and it is within peace that you truly can find joy and happiness.  But not until you learn to—calm down!!

If you want to learn to be the person you truly were meant to be—then start by taking account of your day.  Start tracking your daily incidents of non-peaceful activities.  And yes, you can be a parent of children and still be at peace.   You do this with equal parenting—not having one parent do it all.  Ask for help when and where you need it.  Learn to receive as well as give.

Journal your activities when you can—track them for a week and then review them.  Was your life a hectic mess?  Are you exhausted at the end of the day?  Or are you grateful and appreciative of your day?

Can you compare yourself to a Kardasian or to Mother Theresa?  Your aim is for someplace in the middle of that.

There will be ups and downs in your life—this is normal.  But they shouldn’t be like a roller coaster ride at Six Flags.  Rather more like a gentle ride with gentle waves.

Life indeed is what you make it.  Our universal laws point that out, as well as simple human common sense.

Remember peace is preferable to drama.  We’ll look at more ways to achieve this more quality state of mind in future blogs.  In the meantime, try some deep breathing when life becomes too hectic.

With Light and Love Always,

Blake Cahoon & the Divine Guidance Team
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