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Retreat — A Divine Guidance Team Message

Many have just returned from a retreat — the holidays vacation time; and yet still are exhausted. Holidays can be stressful and often are. So we encourage you taking time out despite the fact you may just come off vacation time. Retreating from your daily obligations doesn’t need to take much effort. Just some down time…a favorite book, movie or bubble bath may do it. A favorite game, hobby or activity may do it. Remember to take time out for you daily!
And be sure to ask the answer for help for time off…we’re here for you!


Now here we have word with two meanings and yet they do essentially mean the same thing. 

When you retreat, you move away from something.  It is often involuntarily, such as encountering a bear in the woods.  From such an encounter, you would want to retreat from the situation –and rather quickly, we would think!

You may retreat from a confrontational or unpleasant situation, such as a fight or loud argument.  No need to get involved in something that isn’t your concern or which takes away peace in your life.  It is their story, not yours.

Speaking of your story, however, you indeed may want to take a retreat from the world—a vacation or holiday—from your everyday life.  A retreat is great to soothe the soul and clear away the cobwebs of the mind.  Whether a long or short time—the length is up to you and your own emotions, feelings and how you feel in mind, body and spirit.  Take the time you need to quench your soul into a period of refreshment and renewal.

We encourage regular periods of retreat so you may return to your labors without discontent or distress. 

So whether it is a needed vacation, or a simply a move away from an unpleasant situation, learn to retreat (verb) appropriately or take a retreat (noun) when the opportunity warrants.

Either meaning will allow you to renew, refresh and realign your balance.

Many Blessings of Light & Love,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path


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After Note:  And balance is the true key of achievement when going on a retreat.

Changes: We’re Changing Our Name!!

Illuminated Engagements
We’re changing our name to: The Angelic Path


Someone once told me the only constant is change.  I didn’t know what they meant when I was 20 years old; I do now many years later!  We can fear change or embrace it!   I tend to embrace change these days!

Last week when getting together with friends who are also business advice contributors, along with my own divine business team, the topic of our business name: Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being  was discussed with the conclusion that it needed to be changed.  One: it’s a mouthful and two: it doesn’t truly describe adequately what we do and three: it sounds too formal and business like.  Which may be the reason the business isn’t quite where it needs to be these days.

So we tapped into the Divine Guidance Team and our other celestial friends, and asked their opinion and the name: Angelic Path came up, along with several other similar names.  After further meditation,and asking our Facebook friends to chime in, and checking which domain names were available, the decision was made.  The new name is: The Angelic Path  (www.theAngelicPath.com).   And thus our name is being changed!!!

We are building a new website with this new domain name (www.theAngelicPath.com) but it going to take some time to get it in shape.  We also plan to change the name of our Facebook page  (FB has to grant permission for this.)

All this is taking place as we’re launching our latest Soul Sound Healing angelic meditation audio recording and our offerings to you!  We’re busy here!!!

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing the various changes occurring to our websites and Facebook page, YouTube channel, Pinterest and our other social media sites.  Fortunately our Twitter and Instagram accounts have my name (Blake Cahoon) attached to them.

So watch for our new changes!!!  It’s an exciting time for us!

So this blog isn’t a totally announcement, we’ve dug up an older Message from the Divine Guidance Team that talks about changes.  Thought it was interesting, so I’ve included below!   Enjoy and thank you for your continued support of The Angelic Path (formerly known as Illuminated Engagements).

Illuminated Engagements
Blake Cahoon is your angel guide

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Channel, Spiritual Writer & Teacher
The Angelic Path
(formerly known as: Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being)
Find us for instant readings on www.Keen.com/angelchannelblake
Certified Angel Card Reader (TM)
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Blake is a Certified Angel Card Reader
Blake is a Certified Angel Card Reader


Message from Divine Guidance Team-Feb 2014

So many of you have been talking about BIG CHANGES (capitalization intentional) coming into 2014.

Of course, you just should have gone through your BIG CHANGES when 2012 came along and rolled into an often chaotic 2013.  Now we hear from our channel and others that more BIG CHANGES are supposedly coming into play.

We would like to correct this: the BIG CHANGES or what we have been calling The Shift…is still on-going and will of course bring continued, repeated changes to you and to what your world looked like about 70 years ago or about the time of the end of World War II to early 1960’s.

Of course, really, you and your world are always changing and growing and evolving.  You really have been speeding up some the progress since after your Civil War when new inventions began showing up and brought you into the Industrial Age.  Someone from the mid-1700 would say that BIG CHANGES were occurring as America came into being.  Can we say Revolutionary War, anyone?

Illuminated Engagements
Change is a way of Life

The fact is your world is always in motion and moving forward with progress and growth.  This is part of what your Earth reality is all about.  You came here to experience contrast and evolve as a human being through the effective use of this contrast.  So you want to always have changes coming into your life.  But it is how you respond to those contrasting situations and changes that is the key to a happy and fulfilled life or a life filled with misery and drama.  Often you don’t realize how to purport effective use of contrast.

So we want to tell you to ignore all of those soothsayers that say BIG CHANGES are coming—because they are already here and are ongoing.  Yes, your world is going through a shifting, but that was foretold and is just part of the bigger picture.  How are you responding to the shifting paradigms?

As free will beings, you can always look at life through rose colored glasses, shades of gray or have rainbows in your life.  Rainbows come after rain and storms.  You might try to realize this and not berate the storms so much.

Remember to not get so caught up with all the minutiae of the day that you forget the Big Picture.  Don’t let media storms, news cycles and other informational resources toss you along spiritual high winds. Don’t let others get you down or overwhelm you.  You are the one that is creating your world. You can live the life you want – one of purpose and fulfillment and validation.

So don’t buy into the Chicken Little mentality of the current news cycle or media sources.  Instead remember you have the ability to choose your world through your emotions and actions.  What you send out into the world, will come back to you.  Remember to send out what you want out of life then, and not what you don’t want in your life.  This principal has been in place since the beginning and by whatever name you want to call it, it isn’t changing.

Remember to smile daily, laugh often and give to yourself as you would give to others.  (Yes, you read that right.  Think about it and then get back to us.)

Then you’re on the path of true change and that the only path you need to be on—your own.

With Much Love and Light Always,

The Divine Guidance Team

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