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What is Channeling – Part 4

Channelers tune in like radios — to different frequencies
How do channels ….well, channel? How do they deliver these messages of intuitive inspiration? Do all channels provide the same level of messages?

The typical methods of delivery for a channeler are either through the spoken or written word. Some channels write everything down and then read it back to an audience or produce books of channeled content. Other channels enter a trance-like state of consciousness –either full or semi-trance and deliver the messages from their source of information. Other channelers are known as conscious channels – meaning it doesn’t appear to take more energy or effort to bring forth a message from an angel or ascended master. Some channel paint beautiful angelic inspired paintings, drawings while those who are musicians may bring forth angelic sounding music and recordings.

These are some of the methods of delivery that channels use to communicate with these higher spiritual realms. Some channelers are private people who keep these messages to themselves and for themselves. Others are more public, striving to get the messages or musically or artistic inspirations out into the world.

The higher, intuitive and trained a channel is, separating themselves from hidden agendas and ego, the clearer the divine message will be. When a channel is serious about their work and the purity of their message, they will strive to be the best vessel possible. This includes but is not limited to clearing old personal agendas, bad habits, and egotistical thinking out of their mind, body and spirit.

Think of a phone device. Today most have cell phones –which delivery can be full of static and dropped calls, although today’s transmission is better than ten years or even twenty years ago. Landlines still provide clearer transmission of the voice; the old analog system provided the best. Digital landlines are still prone to problems –especially some manufacturers and providers. “Can you hear me now?” was a popular commercial line for a reason.

Radio programming is the same – FM is clearer than AM programming, while XM from satellites may provide even a better and clearer transmission of the radio program or music.

Depending on the quality of the equipment, the clearer and better sounding the delivery of radio program or phone conversation. The same is true of the channeler. If personal problems, hidden agendas, disease or illness of the body is overly present, the message may be marred and can be full of ‘static’. The channel can only reach and maintain a level of high vibrational frequency that is needed when communicating with higher vibrational beings if they are in fairly good health, are as free of ego and hidden personal agendas and negative emotions as possible. This is why good channelers aim towards good health, positive emotions and are on their own spiritual journey, tuning into the realms of Source Energy regularly with prayer and spiritual uplifting.

And who do they deliver their messages from? That is our next topic.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder and President
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Author of “Connecting with Angels: Communicating with God’s Messengers,” available @ Amazon.com.
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What is Channeling? – Part 3

In our on-going series of blogs on What is Channeling?, we’ve looked at what psychics, mediums and channels are and are not and how they differ. Let’s explore further.

Channels work in the highest vibrations which are why they are able to bring forth such beautiful messages and profound wisdom from the angelic realms and beyond. These non-physical beings have access to this information because they have either no connection to Earth, which essentially is both a school and playground that allows us to evolve to higher levels of being, or if they did, they learned all their lessons and graduated with honors.

Think of these non-physical beings as master teachers – with the best knowledge and wisdom to offer mankind (and womankind!).

Ghosts don’t even know they are dead sometimes –or they don’t want to go into the light because they are afraid or having retained human emotions they hold on to egotistical reasons for not going into a higher dimension of service and physicality which we call ‘the light’ or ‘Heaven’. They can’t deliver such high wisdom and messages.

Spirits once had human form but are now part of a soul collective, although they may hold on to their individuality and personality. They have the choice to stay and serve or come back to learn more. But they were once we know as ‘human’. They have no interest in providing such messages –they are still students themselves.

It is the realm of Higher Beings where Source wisdom lies.

Angels, archangels, nature divas and other non-physical beings, with very few exceptions, have never been human. This is also true of many ascended masters such as various gods and goddess that fall into this category. Some ascended masters were once human and can therefore understand the life of humans and human realm of emotions, fears, frailties and joys. But ascended masters have moved way past that realm of the human spirit and have ‘ascended’ or risen into a much higher vibrational level of frequency that brings them into direct contact with a larger chunk of Source Energy.

While we are all part of that which is Source Energy – note the word ‘source’ — we as humans are still essentially in grade school compared to those ascended masters who were once human. Consider them as obtaining several PhDs. Which is why they are masters and we are still the students. Ah yes, grasshopper, we still have much to learn from these worldly and noble non-physical masters!

The channel or channeler or channeller as they are referred to in Great Britain is the translator or delivery method to obtain these loving and wise messages.

In Part 4, we’ll talk about methods of delivery. Stayed tuned!

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder & President
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake regularly converses with her Divine Guidance Team — loving non-physical beings who bring forth messages of high wisdom, compassion and love.