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Who is Archangel Michael?


Archangel Michael is one of the best known Archangels. While there are quite a few archangels, the most familiar archangels known are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

Originally the Archangel Michael was known as the Archangel of War. This is why he is often depicted as carrying a sword or in a fighting stance. His mission today is one of peace, my own angelic guide, Elijah tells me. His mission is to cut through human’s fears so that humans can better connect with their Source. Archangel Michael is also known as the great protector and his name is loosely translated to “Who is like God?”

Archangel Michael has appeared to many modern channels and psychics and he has allowed his image and name to be put into books, movies, literature and art. Check out the movie, “Michael” starring John Travolta for an irreverent look at the archangel.

Archangel Michael is associated with night, winter and the color blue. He also aids in cutting etheric cords that get attached to us by associating with other people in dramatic situations.

Call upon Archangel Michael anytime you are battling with any tough situation or need protection.  He is always there for you!

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
The Angelic Path
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What is Channeling – Part 1

Messages from angels and ascended masters
(Today we are starting a new 5-6 series of blog posts centering on What is Channeling? This is our first entry into this subject.)My business coach recently was talking to a potential new customer, who didn’t seem to have clue to what business coach was; although he had heard of a life coach. She patiently attempted explain that much like what a life coach does for people’s individual lives, a business coach helps with a person’s individual business. When she brought this conversation up to me, we gradually got into a conversation about what I do: channeling intelligent energetic and inspiring beings—and she confessed to me that while she was familiar with various people who brought forth spiritual messages—she had never heard of the term ‘channeling’ before!!

Whoa! I thought! If she, who was familiar with spiritual messages and divine wisdom coming forth from humans, had never heard of this title for the role—then perhaps my audience hadn’t either!!

So what is channeling? And how is it different than being a psychic or a medium? Do you need to be psychic to be a channel? Aren’t mediums and channels the same thing? And if you don’t call them channels or channelers, what do you call people who provide us with messages from a higher source of intelligent energies? And who or what are these people bringing forth from anyways?

We’ll be discussing a few of these points over the next several blog entries, so you too can get clear on what we’re all about. While we won’t be able to go into long details, like say a book would, we can hit the highlights.

So what is the simple or broad definition of channeling? Obviously it’s a verb –and from the spiritual side of life, “channeling” is the art of bringing forth messages, guidance or inspiration from non-physical realms and dimensions, by a physical being (human) that is capable and open enough to do so. Now the ways, methods and means of this channeling could be through any number of avenues, including but not limited to writing, speaking, painting or even composing music. Many famous authors, painters and musicians have talked about their art flowing from them as if it was coming directly from the heavens. They have been truly inspired and compelled to bring forth masterpieces, often contributing their talents to more than just learned skill sets. And perhaps they did gain insightful and inspired guidance, which they unconsciously or even consciously ‘channeled’ into their work.

This then is the simple answer of what is channeling. As we continue our discussion about channeling in upcoming blogs, we will look into the more complex details of this fascinating ability!

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon & the Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake has been channeling for many years. She talks daily to her Divine Guidance Team, who helped form this website and heart-centered business.
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Angelic Guidance is Here for the Asking

Illuminated Engagements provides angelic and divine guidance through channeled means and products.

At Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being, we are starting to make videos and audio products which provides divine and angelic guidance. Recently we had our first Live Channeling Event. This Event provided lots of great angelic guidance and wisdom. We’ll be posting short videos of this event on YouTube over the next few weeks. A full-length DVD will be available at our web store soon.

We also will be providing a variety of downloadable audio information recordings. These recording will be about angelic guidance as well as high wisdom from the Divine Guidance Team, on many subjects.

Our latest short video is entitled: Help is Here for the Asking and provides a short explaination of how you can ask for help from your angels. We had lots of fun putting this short angelic guidance video together — please note that the video’s captions are from the Divine Guidance Team.

Watch it now on YouTube: http://youtu.be/Jd1ogVIpuEI

Let us know how you liked our Angelic Guidance help video. Also let us know of subjects you’d like to see answered from the Divine Guidance Team. We love questions! Enjoy the video!

With Light and Love Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Divine Guidance Team of Illuminated Engagements, Co-Founders
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

You Decide How You Want The World To Be

Every once in a while, I’ll be posting a blog from eons ago. As there was a whole different audience then, this audience has yet to see these. This then is that post from 2006:

Last week I went to the post office to mail one of my many packages that I send out to people–books, alien toys, crystals, etc. from my company, Amethyst Moon. The town I live in is a small town, way up near the Wisconsin border from Chicago and the post office isn’t that big, although it isn’t that tiny either. But it is always crowded apparently. I hate getting there past 4 pm because inevitably, there will be a line.

Well, this day was no exception. There was a line and it slowly crawled along as it got longer. The air conditioning wasn’t on and it was starting to get hot in there and people were grumbling. I held good spirits up as much I could, but I soon surrendered to the same grouchy mood all were now in. I was finally first in line after at least 20 minutes and saw part of the problem: only 2 people on duty, although a 3rd was trying to help people who just had mail to pick up or had to buy stamps.

There was one clerk who was helping a lady with a brown wrapped package, taping this thing over and over. The lady behind me wasn’t really very happy and the woman behind her was even more unhappy. I looked and saw at least 15 -20 people behind her, all with unhappy, impatient faces.

And I let out a long sigh, as I’m want to do when I’m feeling frustrated, as it was now 30 minutes at least since I had started standing in this line. And then I thought to pray to my angels- specifically Elijah–for some relief. The answer I got was surprising: Start smiling, he said.

What? I thought back. Why? I’m stuck in a line in a hot post office where the clerk behind the counter seems to be getting perverse pleasure in the fact we are all getting upset and impatient! I answered back. I’ve been here 30 minutes!!! I have better things to do–I started to rant and rave, silently, of course, to Elijah. And indeed the clerk did feel to me that the madder we all got, the slower they were going to go. (Ever notice that the DMV does the same thing?)

You have 2 choices in this situation: get angry and feed the frustration or smile and laugh and lift the energy, Elijah told me.

Of course, I thought! I teach this stuff, I thought and I laughed out loud. And smiled.

Well, the unhappy woman behind me looked at me strangely–why the heck was I laughing? We were mad, not happy!

I looked at her and smiled, “Okay, so we’re standing here forever–there’s only 2 choices we have–wait it out or get over it.”

She hmmphed at me, as if I were crazy. But I wouldn’t be deterred–I was already feeling better about life as I noticed I got the clerk’s attention. She continued struggling with her package and the woman that was mailing it.

I waited a minute or so and then muttered to the woman behind me, “Well, I was going to get a PO box today,” I said and glanced over the angry crowd, “–but I think I’ll wait!” I almost gulped, in a comical manner.

“It’s that type of thing that takes so long,” the 2nd unhappy woman stated flatly.

“Yup. True enough,” I said and while I don’t remember the specifics, I do remember I must have cracked a joke that caused the 2nd woman to smile and that made me smile even more.

The 1st woman didn’t crack a smile and that prompted me to nudge her to smile–so I started teasing her about smiling. Well, if you ever start that–it’s not hard to get people to crack a smile. Well, she finally did smile and the 2nd woman smiled. And then I was on a roll, as others were beginning to notice and the mood started to lift as people began to smile.

“You see if you smile–despite everything–you can raise the vibration here and this blockage will begin to move!” I announced, to the room, many who now were starting to laugh or smile at my antics. This made the clerk behind the counter unhappy and so she began finishing her package faster, something I could see happening.

“I want to know what you are smoking!” the 2nd formerly unhappy woman said, who was now laughing.

“Nothing but life itself!” I announced. “See! It works, we are started to smile and laugh and now the line is moving!!!” I said, as the clerk finally called me up.

I quickly went to my mail business as the woman behind me, now semi-smiling, went to the other clerk and got waited on. By the time I left and headed out to my car, the line was really moving and the mood in the post office had lifted tremendously.

We choose how we want our world to be: either you can be happy or be angry about life. I choose happiness.

Next time you’re stuck in a line, try smiling and making small talk with those around you. They may or may not respond, but you did your part to make the world a better place–and that’s what counts.

Until next time, remember to smile! And remember to choose wisely!

With Love and Light,
Blake and Elijah

Channeling Demetrius – A Discussion on Obtaining Money

In the years 2006 – 2008, I channeled a loving group of higher source beings which called themselves a chorus of loving beings. As a group they were known as Demetrius. We held various live channeling sessions in my home and others and taped the event.

I have began to re-edit this material and post it on YouTube under “Demetrius Speaks”. This is in preparation for new material coming forth from the Board of Directors of this company, Illuminated Engagements. We are putting together Live Channeling Events starting in July for small groups of people. We are asking for a love donation, 20% of the proceeds will be going to charity. The Illuminated Engagements group is strong advocates for paying it forward and this is our plan and our intention as we continue to move forward with this work.

I have including the first of several YouTube videos that will be posted, here for your viewing pleasure. It is about 10 minutes long and Demetrius, who I am channeling, talks about money and the Law of Attraction. Let us know what you think….and as always Thank you for your continued support!

Click the link to be taken to the YouTube site: Demetrius Speaks – Session 3 – Law of Attraction and Money

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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Blake now channels the Illuminated Engagements group of beings and will be providing both live channeling events and written materials in the future.