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What is Channeling – Part 2

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject of channeling lately, buying up all the books I can find and reading them all. What I’m finding is that there are not many books out there—or at least not by the subject of channeling. This term does seem to be elusive – and descriptions of book content centering on this subject appear to be vague. The actual word ‘channel’ seems to be rarely used. Instead the word ‘channeling’ is replaced with phrases such as “spiritual messages”, “divine wisdom”, “intuitive inspiration” or “inspired guidance”. This is the typical nomenclatures for this subject. All of which is fine and correct. Although these words and phrases really point to the source of the spiritual information; and not the method of delivery, which is the human bring forth these information. Channelers are like mediums this way. At the core, they deliver messages. But the who and what mediums and channels deliver is vastly different.

Mediums typically are known to deliver messages from the dead, both spirit and ghosts (yes there’s difference) and perhaps an angel or two. It is helpful to be psychic or have a heighten sixth sense to be a medium. However, psychics aren’t necessarily also mediums. Although channels can be mediums, there are different energies of the world of the medium versus the channel.

So what about psychics and how do they play into all of this? Hollywood movies, TV shows –both fictional and even reality TV would have us believe that psychics can tell the future. Some appear to—although only up to a point. On a technical level, the psychic is picking up the stronger of the vibrations of the most likely actions the person being read will take. The person’s free will allows them to make different choices once they are outside of the psychic’s vibration field and therefore a ‘prediction’ may not come true.

Psychics pick up vibrations from a living being, but not messages from a non-corporal entity. This is the medium’s job – to act as a go-between for the living and the dead. The dead come essentially in two flavors: ghosts and spirits. Ghosts haven’t ‘crossed over’ to the light or to that place which we call ‘Heaven’. They are earth-bound, meaning they are wandering around either on purpose, with unfinished businesses or looking after loved ones. Or they don’t know they are dead. Mediums can talk to ghosts on old battlefields, churches, hotels, theatres and other haunted places.

Spirits have ‘crossed over’ into the light and live in ‘Heaven’ and can come and visit us with help from a medium. Spirits that aren’t ghosts, know they are dead, have intelligence and can have normal conversations with a medium that might also be known as translator for the spirit world.

Of the three non-corporal energy beings, ghosts have the lowest vibrational frequency. Spirits are next on the vibration scale (and are just a tad above the corporal human frequency). Mediums have a tendency to work with these frequencies and have developed their communication skills at this level of vibration frequency.

On the higher vibration frequency levels are the world of non-physical beings such as angels, archangels, ascended masters, nature divas and otherworldly and dimensional beings or groups of energy beings that are linked in directly with that of the highest vibration frequency which is also known as God, Source Energy, the Universe, the Infinite, Christ Consciousness, etc.

In order to communicate with higher vibrational beings, the human translator must raise their own vibration level to match the higher vibration frequencies. This is so the message from these high frequencies are as clear as possible, can be delivered properly and the message can be properly understood. This then is the role of the Channel or Channeler.

Next week we’ll look more at this fascinating ability!

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being