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You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness

The Law of Responsibility at Work

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You are responsible for how you feel

According to the Divine Guidance Team, indeed we are responsible for our own happiness – they told me that ages ago because it is part of the Law of Responsibility.

This saying –You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness – showed up on Facebook recently; not sure who the author is….inspiration is inspiration.  But a Huffington Post blogger, Teri Biedl wrote a blog about this saying.

It’s the same thing we’ve been writing about for the last few years and so it bears repeating here.

The Law of Responsibility basically says we are indeed responsible for our own thoughts, deeds and action.  This isn’t an easy concept to undertake and I was challenged by it during one of our workshops lately.

And while the simple version of the principle doesn’t truly take into account the global consciousness concepts, which does contribute to your co-creation of reality, the principle is outlined well within the author’s blog.

Here’s the link to the blog:


Of course we are over simplifying the meaning and the minutia of what this law is truly saying.  Again, we are quick to blame everyone else but ourselves, but law says otherwise.  And wouldn’t it be nice if people did take more responsibility for their actions, thoughts and deeds?

There’s lot more here than just meets the eye.  Certainly food for thought at any rate.

So tell us – do we create own reality?  What do you think?  Perhaps for the everyday things we might create our own reality, but when crime, rape and murder involved—do we then ask for those things too?  Or is there something else going on here?

Let us know—it’s time for the great debate: do we create our own reality?  Are we responsible totally for what shows up in our world?  Or are there greater forces than us at play too?  We love to have you weigh in on this heavy topic.

Thank you for allowing us to Improve Your Life with Divine Wisdom and Guidance!

Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon

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Blake wrestles with this concept as much as the next person.  Yet she does realize that it is her emotions sending out a frequency to the universe which is returned to her.  She attempts as much responsibility for her own actions as a result.



Mixed Energies?

cropped-7685245_northern-light-kjpargeter.jpgI’m often in a quandary as to what to place down on this blank piece of paper. My mood these days is so scattered; I’m in a place of moving forward and yet not. Our wild weather remains an inconsistent too. First cold, then hot, then cold. Spring finally came with summer nipping at its heels. And of course our hearts go out to all in the horrific tornado storms in the Midwest this week. The angels welcomed many home.

I have been reading of other’s tales of woe and mixed energy patterns. We knew going into 2013 was going to be rough going, as so many energy patterns are being mixed up and realigned. How is your energy these days? Have you felt confused one day and crystal clear the next? Have you started plans to have them fall apart, despite all the signs being there? Or did we just read the signs wrong?

Often times when I’m feeling at odds, I will go and take a walk in the woods. Connect with nature. Or meditate with soft music. Or simply take a nap until my mood lightens.

Last week I had a terrible head cold. I once read that when you get sick, often you are getting a ‘download’ of new information and realignment. I hope so this time; I need some realignment.

I do know we create our own reality. And we can’t manifest what we truly want when we are out of alignment. Getting back into alignment is a process; like most of life, it doesn’t happen overnight.

I’m getting past my head cold and am exploring new horizons. More on that later—all the details aren’t in yet. And while I remain patient and trust in the Universe that is helping create my reality, I pray that others find their way too.
The Divine Guidance Team is having me work on a new audio CD, which is reminding me of lessons once learned. We often need to remind ourselves of these lessons; we humans seem to have such a short memory. That’s why we produce and distribute this information from the Team; to remind ourselves that we aren’t in this alone, all we have to do is ask—and then have faith and patience and trust in the answers.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, PMC (Psychic/Medium/Channel)
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Visualize How Your Life is To Be

How do you want your life to be? Do you want your life to be happier and full of joy? If you’re a relatively happy person—do you want to be able to maintain that level of happiness? How do you handle life when unhappy events and life circumstances crop up in your life?

My Divine Guidance Team has been providing me with these answers for a number of years now and we’re finally at a time and space where I can pass their wisdom onto you. We’re doing this by writing this blog twice weekly as well as within our books, classes, audio recordings and DVD’s of Live Channeling Events and Live Channeling Interview series, some of which is still being developed.

But before they were created—they were simply a thought creation. To help make these offerings come into physical form – I and my team first had to think up their existence. Next we had to visualize our dream. By visualizing the true possibilities of this thought creation of coming into physical form –we had to picture it in our minds. The more details we added – what did it look? What color was it? What shape was it? –and so on, made it look in our mind’s eye like it was really real and that it actually existed. This helped clarify our vision. Once we were clear about our vision, we saw how simple the creation of the desire was and so we took action and created it. Voila! Something out of nothing but a thought was created!

This is how everything is manifested –from your latest hit music tune to your tallest building, and everything in between. Think it, visualize it, clarify it, create it.

My Business Rescue Coach and mentor, Maggie Mongan, writes about how to create within the business world in one of her recent blogs. But these same principles can be applied to your personal life too.
Read what Maggie has to say in her blog and then let us know how you can apply these steps into your own life as you continue to create and manifest your own life circumstances, whether it is it’s a new relationship, a new job, or a new boat or car –or simply allowing yourself to create a better set of circumstances around what you now have in your life.

Read Maggie’ blog here:

Remember you have the power to create your own reality. What are you creating in your life now?

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Zion, IL
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Blake and her Divine Guidance Team spends a bit of time every day to visualize what her current desires are. From her business rescue coach, Maggie Mongan, she learned the importance of applying spiritual principles around the creation and maintenance of her business.

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