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Discontentment Causes Imbalance

Discontentment Causes Imbalance – a message from Lord Master Kuthumi

“Now in the winter of our discontent…”, so wrote Shakespeare. If indeed it was Shakespeare who wrote it and not some other elusive author who has yet to be reattributed. The controversy continues to this day after hundreds of years of debate. None the less, it will be the name of William Shakespeare, if not the actual man who wrote those words so many years ago.

Discontent…this is a word that in and of itself allows room for discussion. Discontent. What does it mean? We could look up the word in Webster’s, or any dictionary and we’d find the following: mild unhappiness and dissatisfaction; a person feeling this or a longing for something better, nee a restless desire for something better.

It’s that restless desire—that longing for something better—different – new—albeit even the hope for something exciting that causes the effects of discontentment.

While the causes of discontent in your world are many – lack of money, loss of hope, boredom, among other many causes – why do you allow this feeling to exist in your world? Do you really feel so trapped and lost that you let an entire season, much less years, of this ongoing feeling of discontentment to rule your life?
We know that the reason for discontentment is an underlying cause of something greater in your life. Perhaps the immobility to move forward –either causes by circumstances beyond your control or something you want keep in your life to feed a wounded soul.

Discontentment should be a wakeup call. It is a signal to you that something in your life is out of balance. This something should be examined and recognized as something that should be changed.
Discontentment leads to distractions if not examined. It leads you off your life path which should be one of contentment and balance, peacefulness and joy. If your life path is not filled with these life-giving attributes, then your soul is being sucked dry. Illness and ill fortune will become your lot in life. Unless this is something you planned for in the in-between-time (the time between carnal lives), this is not a conducive state of being for anyone.

Discontent is a mild emotional state that should serve as a wakeup call and alert you to begin to look for something better. That something better is defined by you. By examining what you don’t like in your present world – that which is causing you to be filled with discontentment – you can begin to discover it’s opposite or contrasting state of being –that which would fill you with contentment and peace.

The next time this emotional state of being rises to your attention span – look and find it’s opposite. Only by contrast do we discover that which would make us happier in the long run. The take steps to move away from discontentment and towards peace and ultimately joy.

Now you are back in balance. Good health, joy and laughter will be the norm and allow success and prosperity to flow back into your life. This is what the human life on your planet is meant for. It is not for strive always, but towards peace and contentment, joy, happiness and your self-definition of success. Strive, like discontentment, is there for contrast. Once you know what you don’t want, then you can begin to move towards what you do want.

This is the way of your planet. Enjoy the ride!

Lord Master Kuthumi
Channeled by Blake Cahoon
April 17, 2012