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Are You Listening?

ListeningThis week’s post is about Listening…too often we don’t listen to each other in our haste to get our own words in.  This is really a poor way of listening.  Instead practice remembering what you wanted to say and really listen to others.  This is the way to make friends!

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Here is a Daily Message from the Divine Guidance Team on Listening:

When you slow down enough, you are able to listen to us.  When you get quiet enough, you are able to hear us.

While many of you hear only one or two of us, as we come in many flavors, you are capable of expanding that cupboard of tasty delights.  Oh we do love our analogies!  In other words, while many of you call only upon Archangel Michael or Archangel Raphael or Master Kuthumi or Master Yeshua, there are many of us who answer your call, depending on your need.  We are indeed a collective of wisdom at your disposal.

So continue to talk with all of us, any of us or simply a few of us.  No matter what we listen to you, hear your prayers and please know that they are being answered.

You too must listen to our answers, through your meditations and through the many signs we present to you in answer to your prayers.  The signs are most often subtle, unless it is us shouting at you and then you call it a miracle.  No matter, we do listen and you too listen to us.  This two way communication is important.

We have told you that you can listen better when becoming still, walking in a park or being in a place of quiet solitude.  Practice listening.

And while you are at it, be sure to be quiet enough to listen to your friends and family, especially when you are gathered together. It takes effort and time to be together, so we ask that you stop and really listen to other’s needs, before your own.

Too many of you are pre-occupied with other matters, such as smart phones or other media.  We have observed this behavior and while we do not judge, there is an air of disrespect when two or more are gathered and then true communication is ignored.  If you are to be with one another, then be with one another.  If this time is not important enough to be with each other with no outside distractions, then do not be with one another.  But remember no man or woman is an island and it is important for human connections to be made.  Listening is part of the human connection and allows possible great expansion for both/all parties.

It’s important to listen to those around you, and not think of what to say in response.  If you can’t remember what it was you were going to say, it truly wasn’t that important, or it will come back to you.  Truly it is as simple as that.  Listen not only with your ears and mind, but with your heart as well.  You’ll be surprised at what you might truly hear.

Many Blessings of Light & Love,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path


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After Note:  When two or more are gathered in true communication mode, there is further understanding, support and love.

Learn about Abundance


Each week day we offer our Daily Messages from the Divine Guidance Team.  I’m going to try and offer several of these message here so these fine messages can reach a larger audience.  Hope you enjoy this one on Abundance!


Here’s today’s message from the Divine Guidance Team:

Abundance is a popular subject with humans; for of course you immediately think of money when you speak of abundance.

But to be clear, we divine beings think of abundance as more than just money.  If you have love, great health, lots of friends, lots of ‘stuff’, lots of food, a great house and a great job – well, all of that is abundance too.  Of course for most of you in order to have all of that you have a great deal of money to boot – and then you don’t ask for money – or abundance – for you already have it!

When you have money, you don’t ask for more and this is when you should be asking.  For when you are set up within the vibration of enough money (or anything for that matter), it is much easier to manifest it in your lives, then when you don’t.  For when don’t have enough of money (or anything else for that matter (do you start to see a pattern here?), you are not in a vibration of receiving more, you are worried about the lack of the money instead.  And when you are in “lack” mode – worrying and fearing that which you lack, you cannot move to a “have” mode.  The frequency of the vibration is too far apart and in order for you to manifest anything, your frequency has to match or align to that which you are attempting to manifest.

So when you send out vibes of “lack”, you receive more “lack”.  But when you’re already in a happy place of not needing or “non-lack”, then you’re in a different vibrational frequency.  And manifestation occurs easily, because you’re manifesting from a different angle.  Do you understand?  This is the law of attraction at work: like attracts or brings to it like.

This is why the rich are rich – they understand that you don’t start worrying about money when you’re running out of it – but rather you work at retaining and maintaining your wealth at all times.

In fact, if you are complaining about the rich and you want to be rich – you never can be.  For you can’t attract your desires if you are complaining about them (this again goes for more than just money.)

So bless the rich and when you have a few dollars in your pocket that you satisfied with, then begin your attraction for more.  Use your affirmations and inspirational sayings before, not after.  Think of your money in terms of good, not evil.  Bless the rich and wealthy — and if you can’t then study the situation further and learn that not all rich people are evil.  There are many they are wonderful rich people who are kind and giving people.  Find them and study them.  And ask when you have, not when you have not.  And abundance will be yours.

Many Blessings of Light & Love,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path
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After Note:  Tithing and giving also are methods of allowing abundance to flow back to you.  Try it and see!

DGT Speaks – Shine Your Light

Illuminated Engagements
Learn to Shine Your Light to the World
This week the Divine Guidance Team wanted to post on the subject of Shine Your Light.  Here then is the Divine Guidance Team:
Hello!  We have been having our channel, Blake, reread and study Kryon’s writings from 2003 and 2013 recently.  Kyron is a celestial group of intelligent non-physical beings of angelic realms, channeled by Lee Carroll.  He has been around since 1989, if not a bit beforehand.  Kryon technically is not male (or female) but rather a combination of these two energies.  Of course we could say the same about ourselves.
We have had Blake read Kryon for the information that was being sent to you in the early 2000’s as well as more recently for a reason.  From the beginning dialogue with you until his most recent discussions, Kryon’s viewpoints and lectures have changed with the times.  They are not static or stayed in one direction, but have deviated according to what is currently happening on your planet.  This is because your planet is constantly in motion and time is not linear, but rather fluid in nature.  You also live in a multi-dimensional world which is in constant flux and fluidity. It’s constantly in motion.  So Kryon is correct when his messages and discussion change with the times.
Our message also changes too as your planet continue to evolve in its current direction.  What we may have spoken of ten years ago when we first started transmitting to our channel may no longer hold true as your world has moved into a new direction.  At the time of our answers, your planet was in one time frame/dimension and progressing in a singular fashion, for the most part.  Since then your planet has moved dimensionally into a different realm or dimension.  Again, yours is a very multi-dimensional world.  It makes it hard which direction you will wind up in at any given point in time.
One of the aspects of your planet is the free will/choice conundrum.  Many others (living physical beings) in your universe do not have the amount of freedom in free will/choice you have on the planet you call Earth.  The amount of free will and choice you have is almost unique and is cause for much of your planet’s direction, i.e. so as the people go, so does your planet.
This is why we are so keen to teach you the Path of Illumination and Light.  For as you shine your Light into the dark places on Earth, you diminish the darkness and expose the darkness transmuting into in to Light, both spiritually and physically; both figuratively and literally.  This was also exposed by Kryon and was revealed to our channel recently.
We do what we can to provide messages to you – whether it is talk with you directly or whether it is to provide additional research and reading material to you.  Whatever it takes, as we say.
Remember to shine your Light and Love to dark places (places of fear and anger) by simply meditating daily.  Ask the angels to illuminate the darkness in people’s minds and souls. Picture a huge spotlight hanging in the sky above places of war, fear and anger and turn on the spotlight onto these places. Send love to these people and places, through intention and prayer.
By doing this just five minutes a day, you help lift the world to a new and better understanding of itself.  You raise the planet’s vibration to a higher level.  In turn, you lift yourself to a new level of love and service to God and His Earth.   All of us are winners in the Light for your individual efforts.
Collect more than one person and hold group meditations on a regular basis and you all become winner in the Light on a group basis.
You are one voice, one person.  But just one person can and does make a difference.  Never forget this.  One voice in the darkness, Lighting the Way, has the power to make a profound difference in your world.  You have the power; you have the love and support of God and the angels behind you.  Start today and shine your Light.
Thank you!
The Divine Guidance Team
Pleasant Prairie, WI
July 2015
With Light and Love,
Blake Cahoon
Angel Guide & Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
Certified Angel Card Reader ™
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being
Website:  www.IlluminatedEngagements.com
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

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The Winter Solstice of 2012 is Coming!

Big EventThe Winter Solstice of 2012 is Coming! The Winter Solstice of 2012 is Coming!

Soon it will be December 21, 2012 – or doomsday for many. There is lots of buzz in the light workers arena about this day, not to mention those fear-based doomsday preppers with their shelter-building and food and weapons hoarding.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you may know that December 21, 2012, otherwise known as the winter solstice (shortest day of the year) was ‘predicted’ by the Mayan Calendar, along with half a dozen other ancient civilizations and ancient texts, to be the day the world ends.

As the kids say, ‘as if’. As if the world will fall apart, have terrible end of the world disasters or….you fill in the blank of this fear-based scenario. Sorry, but you’re not getting out of life that easily and if you celebrate Christmas—you still have to buy Christmas presents.

Note the ‘predicted’ in quotes – because it really is a misinterpretation of the Mayan Calendar, not a prediction. The Mayan Calendar is like a perpetual calendar in that is cyclic in nature—one cycle ends, another begins. And that is what is happening on this year’s winter solstice. One major cycle is ending—which really isn’t an overnight process; and another major cycle one is beginning—again, not an overnight process.

But, and yes there is a but, there are radical and changing energies that are swarming around because of these processes. It’s a major cycle event, not a minor cycle event.

Think of it this way – there’s a very important event going on a particular day. Because it’s an important, all sorts of people are preparing for the event. Say it’s the Academy Awards or even the Golden Globes. Well, an event like this doesn’t just happen. There’s a ton of people setting up for this event—people at the place where the event will take place—so stage hands, lighting crews, cable pullers, maintenance workers, caterers and crew, etcetera are all working hard to prepare for the Big Night. Then there’s the video recording crew—directors and screenwriters and producers and camera people and –well, the list goes on. What about all the publicity people and marketing people? And then there’s the audience—and the stars—many people have to tend to the stars, like costumers and make-up people, limo drivers, and seamstresses and personal assistants, etc.

So there’s a lot of energy going on to prepare for 1 night’s event! There’s a ton of activity to make sure the BIG EVENT gets pulled all together and goes off without a hitch!

So the universal energies are out doing the same with this year’s end of one major event cycle and the beginning of another. Add to this the human factor and interaction—both positive and negative and there’s one heck of a lot of energy going down!!!

Good news: the world isn’t ending. Bad news: lots of chaotic energy going on right now. For the sensitive soul, this can be a time of confusion, misdirection and false starts. The Divine Guidance Team offers this advice: “Stay calm, dear ones and let the spirit of the holiday season hold on to your heart and not those who would spread more fear and chaos. All will be well soon enough. Just a few more weeks and life will be more calm. Then we shall speak to you of what the next cycle holds for you.”

I like that good news! Hang in there!!

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary, Illuminator and Transmitter
for the Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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Blake is still in the midst of buying Christmas presents for friends and family. She managed to get your holiday cards out though this year. She’s looking forward to the new major life cycle of 2013.
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