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Refresh Your Life with a Vacation

Sailboat on Lake Michigan
Vacations refresh the mind-body-spirit. On the shore of Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin. Photo by Blake Cahoon
Vacations….we have to have them! Regardless of the time and effort we simply must take vacations now and then. Vacations refresh the mind, the body and the spirit.

I traveled this past week up to Door County, Wisconsin and thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay in this beautiful wooded area of Wisconsin. In addition to the woods are prairie and farm fields and of course—the water! I love the water – Lake Michigan is only 3 miles from my home, and yet I barely get there to the shoreline to watch the sunlit waves. Instead I traveled 3 hours to see Lake Michigan—but from a different point of view. And that was what my vacation was all about –indeed any vacation – we get to come back refreshed with a different perspective of life. And hopefully a better attitude!

I know I did. I watched a beautiful sunset from the shores of my motel and had several great meals, again overlooking the water. I did some shopping and also explored various county parks, scenic bluffs and wooded trails. All truly beautiful! (See pictures!)

Door County overlooking bluff
Rugged coastlines are part of the Door County experience. Photo by Blake Cahoon

Sunset of Lake Michigan
Sunsets are spectacular on Lake Michigan! Photo by Blake Cahoon
Have you taken a vacation recently? Good for you! If not—try and do so! You may even be overdue for a relaxing rest! This world of ours has true places of beauty and getting out into the world provides refreshment and renewed energy. Find your spot to travel to and make it your own!

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Author of “Connecting with Angels: Communicating with God’s Messengers,” available @ Amazon.com
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Blake loves vacations and really enjoyed her recent stay in Door County, Wisconsin. She hopes to go back to see the leaves change color in late September or early October.
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