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Never Give Up Your Dreams!

Vacations are good for the soul
Vacations are good for the soul
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Never Give Up Your Dreams!

These are tough times for some – of that there is no doubt—right? I mean the news media tells us every day how bad the economy is—unless it’s a politician or two or three. So should we give up on our dreams? Our goals? Our passions? Should we let the naysayers kill the spirit that may still hide deep inside us?
The answer of course my friends is a resounding NO!

The fact is you make your own reality in this life or any other life you may have. It is part of Universal Law. You can let others decide for you the decisions of your life – your parents, your school and teachers, your government, your religion and your news media – but the ultimate decision whether you listen to any of these external factors or you listen inwards –into your own heart, soul and gut—is your choice.

Don’t give up on your dreams just because of external forces – instead embrace them and fight for them.
Here’s an article that might help you win your battle:

Holding On To Your Dreams


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