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How to Deal with People Who Drive You Crazy

Sorry, folks—it’s been a crazy couple of weeks! I tried to find a link to time management but stumbled on this link –which just felt sooo appropriate after the week I’ve had.

We all get those types of weeks, don’t we? And we get so caught up in the frenzy that we forget to slow it down and take it easy—‘cause we don’t even have time to think!!

I still say my nightly appreciation and intentions, but beyond that – well, too much!!! It’s all too much!!!

Okay, so if you’re having that type of week – remember, as I was reminded the other day, it’s harvest time and we’re programmed to be busy in September and October – it was the time of harvest in days gone past and apparently even if there are no crops to get in for the winter – we still have this type of mentality. It all made so much sense to me when I heard this analogy. No wonder I’m so busy!!!

Try and take time to notice the leaves changing and the cooler breezes blowing. I personally love this time of year – and I am not allowing people who drive me crazy to spoil for me!

Read here how to gain your sanity back!


I’m hoping next week will be a better one for me. How about you?

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake likes to slow it down in the fall, enjoy the leaves and the crisp smell and feel of autumn.
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