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Embracing Change

Did you know that we are programmed to fight against change?
How are you dealing with change?
Is change always good?

There are a lot of things in the world today that are changing.  Sometimes we feel there are too many changes; sometimes we think things may have the appearance of change, but are really the same and then sometimes nothing feels like it changes.  Where are you in all of this mix? How are you embracing change?

Probably, like most of us, somewhere in the middle.  But did you know that we have a defense mechanism against change?   It’s called the ego –and it’s there to protect us against possible harm.  The ego puts on the brakes and says, “Now wait a minute, slow down, let’s this think out a bit more before taking further action.”  And for many of us, this is a very helpful thing –since some of us rush into things without thinking.

Then there are those of us who let this type of thinking stop us dead in our tracks.  “Whoa, we say.  That little voice is right.  I better stay right where I am and not do or go anyplace further.”  Don’t we all know people who never seem to change?  Who never strays from their comfort zone?  Who never goes out and experiences everything life has to offer?

They have the appearance of being afraid of change.  They may say they aren’t afraid and are quite comfortable where they are.  And maybe they are.  How are they responding to the world in that state of mind?  Are they happy with their life?  Do they treat others kindly?  If so, great!  Let them be who and what they are – that may very well be their current purpose in this lifetime.

But if they aren’t…well then, they are letting fear rule their life and may very well be quite miserable.  We all know people like this, don’t we?

Ego is not the Enemy

The ego can be a powerful tool for good or not so good.  It’s our reaction to that voice that is the key.  You can push pass this voice –it was only designed to slow you down not stop you in your tracks.  So listen to it and then analyze your own situation.  Weigh your options and your possibilities.  Maybe do some actual planning around the change.  Examine how you truly feel about the change and deal appropriately with those emotions.  Is the change in alignment with your soul’s mission and/or life purpose?  Examine what your reluctance truly is about and determine if it’s appropriate for you or a deterrent for you.  How are you showing up in the world as a result of your actions or non-actions?

We’ll be talking more about ego and how you can better deal with it over our next blog subjects.  We’ll even begin to start to talk more about your soul’s mission and your life purpose –which may be two separate things!  Lots of discussion ahead!

So let us know how you handle change in your life?  Do you often listen to the voice of ego and let it stop you or do you manage to at least sometimes push past the voice and go towards actual achievement?

Let us know—we want to know how you deal with this subject!

Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon, Founder
The Angelic Path
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How Right Do You Have to Be?

footballWhen we always have to be right, that is ego. When it’s our way or the highway, that is ego. When our way is the best way, that is ego. How are you living your life? In ego?

Often times we simply know we are right and others are wrong in simple everyday life events and decisions.  We know if we go a certain route, it is longer than the one our mate wants to go down.  We know that putting that color there and that other color next to it is so very wrong, but our sibling likes these two colors together.  It may make us mad or even angry to be argued with consistently, especially about the small stuff.  But as they say—stop sweating the small stuff—because it’s not worth it.

Do you find those around you constantly being wrong and you’re always right?  Does this stress you out?

Do you always have to be right?

The simple fact is if you’re always right and everyone else is always wrong, you’re either living or working with really, really stupid people and we ask you why subject yourself to this environment? OR you have an ego issue where you don’t accept other’s opinions, comments, suggestions or dialogue about any number of subjects.

What makes you think you’re always right?

Hard to hear, but necessary to understand, if you plan on getting along with others in this lifetime or even the next.

Ego does serve a purpose–it protects us. But having too much of anything isn’t necessarily good for you–it is balance that should be sought. Find balance in your life and use ego, not to “edge God out”, but to serve yourself in a productive manner.

You don’t always have to be right!  Really, you don’t.  Try stepping aside from this manner of living and give in—and see what a difference it can make!

Step outside your comfort zone and learn to serve others, by giving of yourself in a loving, well-meaning manner.  When you are able to find balance, even sometimes, you gain a sense of yourself and the world in which you live becomes easier to live in.  Try it—you might even like it.

Love and Light Always,

Blake and the Divine Guidance Team

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