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New Rules of 2013 – Giving and Receiving

Illuminated EngagementsSo we’re going to wrap up our present series on New Rules for 2013, by talking about giving and receiving.  By now, if you’ve been reading this series of blogs, you’ve learned that we all now have to do ‘just a little bit more’, in order to get ahead.  But even though we may have to put a bit more effort in, the universe is now rewarding us ‘just a little bit more’ too!

This essentially means that by giving to others, you will receive ‘just a little bit more’ too.  It is always best to give from the heart, not because you intent to get rewarded.  Remember the Law of Responsibility is also in full motion these days – so be responsible about your life, which includes how you approach it and how you approach people, as well as how you treat yourself.

Being responsible in thoughts, words and actions will allow the flow of giving from the heart to be easier.  And thus you will be rewarded in an equal manner.  While this has always been so, it is now more pronounced—meaning that when you give more, you get more—‘just a little bit more’ than before.  This can be very rewarding.

And when you get—especially when it comes to money—remember to continue the flow and keep it going, by continuing to give to others and gracefully and appreciatively receive.

You can give your time, your generosity, or your physical presence, in order to receive. It doesn’t have to be about money always.  What can you give to others freely?  How about a smile? A helping hand? A friendly nod of the head in greeting?

And when someone gives you something—be sure to pass it forward.  Meaning when someone does something nice to you—be sure you are nice to others.  Now more than ever, the positive effects will be felt.  Equally so, will the negative results if you choose to be greedy, unkind or otherwise be negative in your life’s approach.

The tide is turning and the new rules or guidelines are here to stay and will only get stronger as time goes on.  This allows people to play catch up, learn how this new world operates and can adjust their sails accordingly.

Fight the winds and you will be fighting an uphill battle.  Let the winds blow free and steer accordingly.
And learn to enjoy the ride!  It will be to your advantage, benefit and ultimately go towards allowing you to be a happier, more joyful and productive person.  Happy Sailing!

With Love and Light Always,

Rev. Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Teacher & Channel
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