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How Are You Handling Life?

Do you find yourself getting irritated by others during your day?
How do you react to negative situations?
How are you handling life and its challenges?

This winter has been hard for most of the country.  We, here in the US, are being plagued by either snow storms or polar vortexes or both.  Numerous people have been in numerous accidents on our snow-covered highways and byways.  Even the postage service is having trouble getting mail delivered!  Their motto of getting the mail delivered no matter what might have been true way back when, by apparently it isn’t true today! And on Feb 2, the groundhog announced we have 6 more weeks of winter!  Except for the children who have had numerous snow days, the rest of us are looking forward to spring!

We have a choice to make.

Illuminated Engagements
How are you looking at life? The glass half empty or half full?

We can handle this winter as well as the rest of our lives with either a negative attitude (oh god, not more shoveling!) or with a positive attitude (March and spring is just around the corner and the snow is pretty as I look out at it.  And the kids have fun playing in it!  And it’s great if you cross country ski, just hill ski or go snowboarding).

Time to Breathe

In the past many things have irritated me and irked me.  Now I remember to take a deep breath and reground myself.  I see the situation for what it is: temporary.  Another deep breath and I begin to take a different look at the situation, instead of simply reacting emotionally without thinking. And I find myself appreciating how pretty the snow is instead of how a nuisance it can be.

Let’s Reframe the Situation

National speaker Bob Burg’s blog talks about how to look at things differently. As I read his blog, I was reminded of how I reframe negative situations to my advantage.  I know that I can’t let the circumstances ruin a good mood; instead I let it go, and look at life in a new way.

I came upon Bob Burg while listening to another entrepreneur speak about networking.  He had some interesting and helpful tips on that subject and so I started to check his blog.  But his blogs aren’t all about networking, selling and business.  It has some real life applications that can help us all in everyday life.  In this issue of his blog, he talks about reframing unpleasant situations to our advantage.  I found it helpful, especially Point #1!

See if Bob’s point might help you!  Check out his link below and see which points hit home for you:


With Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon, Founder
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