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June 2015 is Busting Out All Over

Illuminated EngagementsJune 2015 is almost finished and many of us with the intense energies and Mercury Retrograde are happy to put this month behind us.
But look what happened this month too: we’re rethinking the meaning of racism towards the positive, despite the fact it took a tragedy to get us there (which is often the case); and we had 2 major Supreme Court cases that provides healthcare for all Americans and equality in marriage for all Americans.  Wow!!
So truly this is a month to celebrate!   Oh and summer is now here!!!  More to celebrate!!!!
Take time out this month and next to truly celebrate all we have in this country.  Whether you agree with Court decisions or not, the world is going through various Shifts (which DGT keeps telling you about!).
Either go with the flow or not, your choice always, but there are new energies, new open mindedness and new young people who will not tolerate the mess we older folks have made of our world.
Bottom line: there’s more to come!  Change is coming and the changes already made are here to stay.
Embrace the changes and learn to go with the flow.  Sometimes easier said than done, but it’s important for you to keep your balance in the midst of change.
Meditation, exercise, getting outdoors, balancing home and work life and prayer are just the start to keep the balance.
I hope your summer is a wonderful one!
To all who the new changes have affected in a positive manner: congratulations!!!
With Light and Love,
Blake Cahoon
Angel Guide & Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being
Website:  www.IlluminatedEngagements.com
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

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