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New Rules for 2013 – Part 4-Karmic Debt

Ying YangI was reading a new consciousness magazine the other day and found an ad about erasing your karmic past. And I thought to myself, well, this person is still vibrating at the old energies, because one’s karmic past got repaid on December 21, 2012, during the pinnacle of the Shift.

So what does this mean to you specifically? It means that whatever you did in your past lives, no longer is cause for concern in this or future lives. You are no longer being ‘punished’ for things you did in the past. Your karmic debt has been cleared.

Is this for everyone? Yes, everyone who lives on planet Earth now and who lived on planet Earth on December 21, 2012. Karmic debt? No more—gone. Thank the angels and the ascended masters who provided this aspect of your being to be gone during the Great Shift. Also thank the Universe/Source or simply God because is no longer part of who you are.

Will things that happen in my past life continue to affect me? Yes. If you were a Civil War solider who got shot in the back and killed, wherever you got shot, might still give you a twinge in this lifetime still. But you can ask the angels to clear that pain and they will. Will the lessons learned from past lifetimes still be part of who I am? Yes, your ‘life lessons’ are accumulative –such as a student learns from grade to grade, so you learn from lifetime to lifetime (incarnation to incarnation).

But are being punished for what you did in a past lifetime? No—that debt is cleared. Instead you will deal with karmic debt within each life time or incarnation, not past lives. So if you did something ‘bad’ in this life time, you will have to pay either within this lifetime or in the in-between time of incarnations.

So the old adage of ‘what comes around goes around’ still applies. It is simply during 1 lifetime, not stretched over many life times.

And this is all part of the Shift of 2012/2013 and beyond. See the Shift is good for things!

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Channel & Spiritual Teacher
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