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What Does Ascension Mean to You?

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Autumn beauty at Kettle Moraine

Axcension…what does it really mean?

We went up to Kettle Moraine state park near West Bend, Wisconsin this last weekend to see the beautiful state of the leaves changing color from green to brilliant yellow, reds and oranges.  Wisconsin’s geography is greatly affected by the ancient glaciers that once dominated this area, oh, about a million or so years ago.  I truly enjoyed the day trip and really wanted to stay longer, roam some trails and even get some meditation in.  Unfortunately, lots of time was eaten up getting to where I was going and there was so many tourists trying to get the last bits of good weather time in, that I wasn’t able to do what I had planned.

Instead, I had a conversation during the car ride with my Divine Guidance Team.  There has been much conversation among spiritual teachers about the ascension process and the 5th dimension, crystalline DNA and all the other stuff that swirls about this subject.  This subject matter is also wrapped up in the Mayan calendar events of 2012, where on December 21, 2012 we were to ascend into the 5th dimension and our bodies and DNA would become crystalline.

From what I can interpret from various “New Age” web sites, it was the belief that some magnificent event was to happen on that day of December 21, 2012.  Something truly awesome, magical or grand was to happen.  When nothing specifically out of the ordinary happened to the believing masses, many seemed disappointed.  There are probably more ascension support groups out there, but I know of at least one Facebook website about ascension support. It continues to provide support for those who are still struggling with this disappointing situation.   Many light workers now seem frustrated, disappointed, depressed and otherwise lost because they weren’t whisked away on a magical carpet ride to a mystical land full of wonder and awe, as some claimed or alluded they would be.     

Now I read other spiritual teachers who feel we have moved and did move into the fifth dimension which is either a spatial place or a type of consciousness or something in between, depending on who you are listening to or reading.  According to these teachers, our bodies are turning into crystalline instead of carbon and we can manifest ourselves where ever we want when in our physical bodies.  Shut your eyes, and tap those ruby slippers together Dorothy!  I don’t think you’re in Kansas anymore!

Many feel that there is or will be two earths – one will rise and the other will fall.  Hope you know which one you’re on!

Last time I looked, I think that was called teleportation—something Star Trek imagined, but we aren’t quite there yet, at least technically.

I asked my guides for clarity about this whole scenario.  I also searched on the internet to see what other channeled or translated higher beings have said about this situation. 

As most of you know, I am a fan of the Abraham messages (Esther Hicks).  My guidance from my Divine Guidance Team is very reminiscent of this material and although not always in complete agreement, the slight differences are probably in the interpretation of the material that I receive from the two sources. I was pleased to read that Abraham pretty much says the same thing as my Team, which helped validate their message from me. 

I also checked out Kryon’s messages about all this, channeled by Lee Carroll.  He too was in agreement with what my Team relayed to me. 

I have been asking my Divine Guidance Team about the ascension process, the 5th dimension and about the crystalline DNA process. 

They wrote a small booklet on the ascension process last year.  What some call ascension, they refer to as expansion.  The 5th dimension, besides being the singing group that they enjoy listening to, is just one of many spatial dimensions.  It is also a state of consciousness, although they don’t call states of consciousness dimensions.  They call them states of consciousness, to which we have many.   “You have enough trouble living in the here and now; why complicate things by attempting to live in yet another dimension?” was their answer. They were once asked how many dimensions there are and they laughed.  “Too many to count,” they finally answered.  As far as the DNA, they answered, “There is so much more to your DNA that you have yet to discover.”  I got the general impression that worrying about our DNA structure before getting our lives straighten out is putting the cart before the horse.

Essentially, my Divine Guidance Team of archangels, ascended masters and celestial beings are more concerned with your life in the here and now on this planet, in this dimension and attempting to improve your life within that time and space, in the here and now, than living in another dimension-3rd, 5th or 20th; they are too concerned with our DNA structure and they know that every day, unless you live in a cave and aren’t doing anything with your life—then you are expanding into your being and all that entails—on a daily basis; which is the equivalent to the ascension process.  It seems to be a directional interpretation—ascension makes it feel like you’re moving upward, instead of growing larger in expansion.  The USA is obsessed with looks and perhaps this is where the perception of ascension vs. expansion comes into play.  No matter; essentially it’s the same difference—you’re growing by learning and experiencing day by day, one step at a time. 

“Flights of fancy can take you to many lands, and indeed you can manifest pretty much what you want—if you know how—but no magical wand has been waved to whisk to a land full of milk and honey—unless of course you live on a dairy farm with some bee hives,” they announced.  Meaning that the date of December 21, 2012 was a date hyped by too many fanciful tales and not enough true reality.  And while something did happen, they say, the energies were subtle and not as important to human in general as it was made out to be.  They had continued to insist that Christmas presents were going to be needed to shop for and that all would wake up the next day, probably wishing for more fireworks.

But energies really don’t work that way.  And what some people were really wanting was to escape their present lives to life joyfully somewhere else that is better.  Which of course they could choose at any time—with their own decisions about their own life path.

The earth is a place of contrast where you can learn what you want and then learn to create it.  You don’t have to go to someplace else. 

You do have to expand your mind, your perception and your way of living to accomplish that goal—and if this is what is meant by the 5th dimension of consciousness, then that is the state you need to go to, to accomplish your dreams and goals and your desires.

Did the world shift on that fateful December day in 2012?   Yes and no—the planet moved cosmically into a different realm of space where the frequencies changed up a bit.  Does that place us in the 5th dimension?   Sure, if that’s what you want to believe, the Team replies. 

“It’s really up to you what you believe in and how you perceive your world,” The Divine Guidance Team says.  “You always have had the power to make your world a better place, both locally, personally and globally.  You and your fellow Earth travelers make this world what you want of it.  A date on the calendar didn’t change that.  Just like Dorothy could always go home—so can you find a home within your world.  Change your perspective—your attitude—your position and your thinking—and the world responds to those thoughts and perspective.  Imagination can help lead you to where you want to go.  It always has and it always will – here or in dimensions too strange to imagine.  You don’t have to go to or be in the 5th dimension to get there from here,” they say.  “Your present dimension will do just fine.”

The members of Divine Guidance Team love us and respect us and our opinions.    They aren’t here to debate, simply enlighten those that wish to help themselves to a better way of living.  So if you can’t reach the 5th dimension or haven’t figured out to instantly ascend into a new world as outlined by those who say they are already there….then try a more earthly path of illumination.  Listen with your heart, your head and your open mind and you’ll be surprised what life on this planet can truly be about for you. 

And along the way, don’t forget to look at pretty fall leaves now and again!

With Love and Light Always,

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