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What If? Wandering Down the Road Not Taken

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Today we look at the What if? of life, as in: what if my life had turned out differently? What if I had gone for the career of a being a professional ballerina and not one of an accountant? What if I taken that dream my five-year old self had of flying to foreign lands and managed to make it my career? What if I didn’t get married, but finished college instead? What if I got married instead of going for the PhD?

In life we all make life decisions that lead us down different life paths. Often we may wonder—did you go down the right path? Did you make the right life decision?

While the Divine Guidance Team will point out that all decisions are the product of us making better contrasting choices, more down to earth human folk will write about their own experiences about this subject. Read what one writer has to say about the subject and then let us know – did you go down the right road? Are you still lamenting about the road not taken? How do you deal with this decision? Let us know!


Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake once pondered about the road not taken – but finally decided to take the road! The Divine Guidance Team helped her with this decision and now she walks down the road every day with them.
The Road Not Taken