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Life is not School

Illuminated EngagementsOur blog today comes directly from the Divine Guidance Team, who writes:

“Life wasn’t meant to be a school, full of life lessons.  Instead you are here to experience all that you can in the manner you choose.  You are here to expand your experiences and if you happen to learn something new along the way, great!  You’ve learn to expand your experience!  You have a banquet of experiences to enjoy and savor.  Ultimately you choose which to experience and which not by your thoughts, deeds and actions, day by day.  You can choose high vibrational thoughts or low vibrational thoughts—and then the Universe, by law of attraction and law of resonance, will attract those experiences you are dwelling upon, especially when you keep dwelling upon them.

The problem is when you dwell upon the lack of something; it is drawn to you too.  And that is where you get confused and go into denial.  For you feel you are sure you not thinking of lack—but when you think about how you are thinking, you find you get more worried when things aren’t going your way and dwell upon these things, as opposed to thinking about things that are going your way.

If you want things to go your way, then, you must focus more on these things.  But humans often do not do this.  Instead they concentrate, focus on, worry and fuss about what is going wrong in their lives and so attract more of what they do not want.

Learn how to focus therefore so you can turn your life around.  There are many tools available to help you with this process including vision boards, affirmations, etc.  Pick a few and start to train yourself to focus on what you do want and ignore that which you do not want.  In this manner, you will begin to see evidence of your true manifestation.

Remember, you are worthy, you are perfect just the way you are and you are much loved.

The Divine Guidance Team”

Indeed! Until next time!

With Love and Light Always,

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