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Wealthy People Eat Lunch

Wealthy People Eat Lunch – What About You?

Waiting in lineWhere I work we have a diverse population of people who work in a corporate environment.  The specific place I work we have to bring our lunch.  There are vending machines, a lunch room to sit in and a variety of restaurant nearby.  But there is no cafeteria to order fresh food from, as in other buildings of this corporation.  I bring my lunch daily and eat in the lunch room.

But during lunchtime I don’t see a lot of other employees or contractors taking lunch. The lunch room has a handful of people, but that’s it.

Personally I do eat lunch—I know it’s more efficient for me and my work if I take a break and get some nourishment into my body.  I know the importance of eating lunch.

I know of a lot of other people who don’t take the time for lunch.  Most are stuck in corporate jobs, which often drain them of their energy.  Many like their jobs however and aren’t looking for something different—which is fine.  Some are looking for something more.  But they still aren’t eating lunch.

I came across an article on the 7 habits of wealthy people – and lo and behold, one of them is that wealthy people eat lunch!   Imagine that!

While the rest slave away at their desks, the wealthy and rich know better.  They also know when to quit work for the day and when and how to relax.   How many of us can say the same thing?

So many people are looking for wealth to allow their lives to be better off – but they don’t even follow the habits of the wealthy!   How do you expect to expand your wallet when you don’t even pay attention to how others are doing just that?!

Below you can find the article I am referring to.  Take a moment to read how the wealthy get to where they are.  You too can take a lesson from them and begin a better path to riches.  But first you may want to stop to eat some lunch!


  • Do you eat lunch regularly?
  • How are you attracting wealth into your life?
  • Are you practicing good habits towards wealth?

Share your daily lunch practices with us and let’s learn together how to change habits for the better!  Practice allowing yourself to attract that which you desire and wish to manifest by learning from others. It starts with you!   What are you telling the Universe?

Remember: The Universe always agrees with you.  What are you telling it?

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Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
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