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Merry Month of May-Not!

sad faceThe month of May was a rough one for many apparently. For me, a 3 week cold/sinus problem has hung me up. My journey of self-discovery has lead me to move to Rochester, NY, my childhood home in July. So I’m trying to be pre-occupied with the pending move, but my body has other ideas. While I’m coping with my move, a major event in my life; I’m also expanding this business, delving into it full-time. So switching careers after years in the IT world is another major life event. No wonder my body is reacting!

Our emotions rule our lives and create our reality. When we are happy, life goes fairly smoothly. But there will always be challenges that keep us moving forward, challenging our comfort zones. For years, I’ve been in a good comfort zone. Apparently, this year of 2013, the year after the Big Shift of 2012, I am getting shaken out of my comfort zone. As are many of you too—so I hear.

From strange weather, to disasters, to job losses, people losses, financial loss and also diminishing health, we are all going through the realignment process that the shift of 2012 brought. Many of you felt you were going to ascend to some magical, mystical happy place with your physical body intact—that is because a great many teachers were telling you this. My guides were saying something different—that the Shift was going to cause change and how you react to that change will create your own world experience.

Frankly I thought I was doing a good job reacting appropriately. But the rules seem to be different now and how I once reacted, may not be in my best interest now. Obviously with the bout of health issues I’ve been facing, my reaction 2 major life changes were reflected in my health issues. I’m ready to move on now and so I shall, ridding myself of those health issues—for I do still create more own reality. That rule hasn’t changed.

I am beginning to get clear again and act towards more changes, rather than react. I am doing so with faith and trust, allowing the Universe/God/Source to take the reins again. I know that rule hasn’t changed either.
Reflect upon what is happening in your life right and how you are reacting to it. Are you fighting against the changes and the challenges? Are you playing the victim of circumstances or are you victor knowing God/Source/Universe is really on your side? How can you turn your life around by changing your own attitude? How can you emote towards that which wants to create or go down the path you are seeking? How are you stepping into your own truth? Or are running away from it?

As we move into June, I understand there will be newer, lighter energies. I know I’m ready for that change and welcome them in with open arms. How will you greet June?

Love and Light Always,
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