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CEO: Prayer and Meditation Changed My Life

Illuminated EngagementsIt is always refreshing to me when I hear that a CEO discovers that prayer and meditation can be the key to a remarkable life.

It is a simple practice, really.  Yet we make it so complex sometimes.  Many of my students ask me about how to pray or how to meditate.  The article below helps explains this.  My philosophy is that the simple and the most direct way often will gain the best results — although that isn’t the only reason people prayer or should pray.  Although it probably is the most common.

Which is really OK.  But prayer can be much more than a direct request line to God or Divine Source.  It can open up channels in us for the divine to flow in a more productive way.

When we seek, we will find and every prayer is answered –in some form or other.  It may not be on our time table, for there may be wheels spinning in the background of our request that doesn’t concern us, but will lead to our answered prayers.

We don’t have to be concerned with the how of what is to be done; we must trust in the Universe that it will be and the outcome will be for our best benefit.

Read the article below and let us know how prayer and meditation has changed your life!


Thank you for allowing Blake and the Divine Guidance Team to help you live a remarkable life!

Love and Light Always,

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Blake practices meditation and prayer every day at least twice a day!  It keeps the blues away!

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Meditation-the Art of Being Silent

woman meditatingOnce upon a time I stumbled across an excellent article on meditation –or what I call the art of being silent. The article was on the web and should still be available. The article went into great detail about meditation –what it is and isn’t, how to practice it and the many types of meditation available.

Like I said –good article and I recommend you doing some research on this topic. Because if you want a true spiritual practice—getting in touch with your own inner being so you can connect with your internal wisdom and that wisdom that comes from a Higher Place–you’re going to need to get still enough and quiet enough to be able to connect to that space.

This is what meditation is helpful towards –shutting off that incisive noise machine in your head. You know the one I mean—the noisy chatter that isn’t particularly productive and even sometimes very bothersome. That judgmental, critical side of you or simply the rambling laundry list of thoughts and woulda, coulda, shoulda’s in your world that can tirelessly go on in your head, day after day.
One of my friends calls this harsh noise the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee. Call it that or simply annoying –it’s time to shut it down or at least turn down the volume when it no longer serves you. Because there are times that the IBS Committee can be helpful….although I suspect then the “S” would turn into an “H” –for Helpful. Which would make it the Itty Bitty Helpful Committee –it still kinda rhymes, but doesn’t quite have the impact or humor that IBSC does.

So how do you turn the volume down? How do you get quiet? How do you shut down the noise?

The answer of course is meditation. It does take time and practice to turn the volume down—but it is so worth it! Once the noise and chatter are down to a dim roar, you have time to really open up—get in touch with your true inner being and even can begin to gain true divine guidance.

It starts with learning how to silence the noise; it starts with learning how to practice meditation.
Go on a web search and find out the best ways for you to start today. It can lead you to wonderful discoveries about your world and your place in it! Enjoy the journey!

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary, Illuminator & Transmitter
for The Divine Guidance Team of
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Blake practices some form of meditation daily, mostly at the end of her day and at the beginning. It takes a bit of effort and some practice, but is invaluable as a tool on your spiritual journey.
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