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Conquering Fear

When I was in my early twenties, a movie came out that was extremely scary. It was so scary that when it was over I couldn’t bear to go back to the suburb home I was living in; rather I went to the mall—around people and non-suburban living. The movie still remains just as scary today, while I watch it on cable TV on one of the many movie channels. And I’ve watched it many times since those days.

The movie is Steven Spielberg’s “Poltergeist”, starring JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson. This movie got lots of publicity in its day since the movie seemed to reflect the subject of the movie. It is a fact that the two of the kids that starred in the movie later died, including the young actress Heather O’Rourke who played the very much haunted Carol Ann, in the subsequent sequels of the original film. Possible curses aside the movie remains still is frightening today and after watching it, I’ll put a fun, comedic type TV show on to wash my mind of the terrors I just witnessed via a movie.

While part of my side-line business deals with paranormal activity, I’m happy to report that I haven’t nor do I ever want to come across anything as frightening as Hollywood can dream up.

Still there is plenty of real life that frightens me on occasion, although I know eventually my fears will be either overcome, are unfounded or at last resort, be ignored until I can properly handle them. I realize we all get afraid at times; it is part of the human condition.

Fortunately my strong faith in a supreme benevolent being (God), and my angels help me overcome a lot of my fears. It’s okay to be afraid, unless it cripples you completely. If your life is stymied by too much fear, especially to the point where you aren’t accomplishing anything in life, it’s best to seek out professional help in the form of a life coach or a psychologist. If it’s moderate fears, then turning to help of angels is a great way to go. Mild fears are also helped by the angels, along with some supportive friends. Itty bitsy fears are normal and a good bowl of chocolate ice cream helps me with those!

Whatever your fears, learn to deal with them –find help of some sort. Take action in conquering your fears. For fear is something you can learn to deal with and find help with. Fear is the opposite of love. So examine what love you’re afraid of losing. Take action steps to conquer your fear. Even if it’s rolling a hotel TV out into the rain or sitting down with a bowl of ice cream.

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder

While Blake like the occasional well-done horror flick; the old blood and guts stuff they crank out today is not something she cares to see. She much rather cuddle with her kitty cats or have a dish of chocolate ice cream.