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Is Karma a Method of Punishment?

Do you believe that you are being punished for past karma?
Do you believe that you are not living the life you want because you’re
being punished for something you may have done in a past life?

Last week we talked about my meeting Charles Thomas Cayce, grandson of Edgar Cayce, who channeled “the Source” around the turn of the 20th century (1900’s).  Cayce is famous for his healing information coming from the Source and there’s even a hospital set up in Virginia Beach to apply some of the healing techniques as they came forth and were recorded during Cayce’s lifetime.  Of course, all methods were validated and verified medically, but have found to be of sound principles and effective methodology.

scolded child, forgivenssWe also talked about karma last week – which has been used as a catch phrase for decades to describe a sort of punishment or burden to us if we do something wrong in this lifetime or any of our previous or future lifetimes.  Of course you have to believe in reincarnation if you truly believe you carry punishment forward for horrid deeds done during past lives.  Although even the non-believer will casually toss out the phrase, “Oh, I don’t want to do that—who needs the karma?”, or some such similar phrase.  Again, owing up the belief that karma is linked with punishment.

Karma never was about strictly punishment –rather it is the belief that how you live your life will create some sort of action – good or bad, depending on how you live your life.  We call this the Law of Cause and Effect, which is closely aligned with but not exactly the same as Law of Attraction—which is like attracts like.

The Law of Cause and Effect is more in the realms of what goes around, comes around – good or bad.  What you speak into the world, act upon the world and even think upon the world (which usually drives your speech and action) will come back to you in similar fashion as you sent out.   So karma isn’t just about punishment – it’s about a deed, a task or an action that creates an equal and reflecting effect that comes back to you as a result of that effect.

This natural or universal law reacts to your life the way you show up in the world, regardless if you believe in it or not.  Just like the law of gravity – it works.  So it’s best to try and understand it and live a life accordingly.

Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect isn’t out to punish you.  The law is simply a reflection of your life coming back to you.   However, many believe karma is punishment.  And that you carry the deeds of your life from life time to life time, hopefully growing and learning from them, but also many believe you are punished for them as well.

In our next blog, we’re going to look at this belief closer and see what the Divine Guidance Team has to say about this belief of karma.

What do you think?  Do you believe as many have that you bring punishment for past lives wicked deeds forward in this lifetime?  Do you believe that you are not living a life of goodness because you don’t believe you were a good person in a former lifetime?  Let us know what you think!


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Is Reincarnation Unnecessary?

Is Reincarnation unnecessary?
Must we come back because of karma?
Or is it our choice to come back or not?

Last week I attended a lecture given by Charles Thomas Cayce, grandson of the infamous “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce.  It was great just to meet the man, whose grandfather and father created the 81 year institution of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), headquartered in Virginia Beach.  A nearby Unity Church was hosting the event and I met quite a few lovely souls during my day there.  The Church pews were filled and overflowing to hear the lecture, which was entitled: “Reincarnation Unnecessary?”

Edward Cayce was known as the ‘sleeping’ prophet

The lecture was based on a case study of 18 individuals’ psychic readings from Edgar Cayce.  In the readings, provided to the recipients, was the information that this was their last lifetime, despite the fact that some of them led not so decent lives.  Edgar Cayce’s readings were recorded and are now studied thoroughly by A.R.E. members around the world.

Most of the information provided in the lecture was information I already knew about the particulars about reincarnation; although the stories of Edgar Cayce and the people he read for psychically while in a deep “sleeping” trance were great to hear from his grandson as Charles Thomas had some dealings with these people too, as a boy.

I was thinking about the lecture a few days later, when it dawned on me the title of the lecture: Reincarnation Unnecessary?  Apparently these people were under the impression that reincarnation was necessary somewhere along the line.  And realized that there was a belief that reincarnation was necessary because one had lived a not-so decent life, created karma and then had to reincarnate to deal with that karma.   The problem was—I knew differently.

First, one chooses to be reincarnated if and when they desire.  Not to amend for any karma they may have collected over past lifetimes—but simply as a way to continue their soul evolution journey.  Second, karma never was meant to be a punishment; although it has been interpreted as such by a myriad of teachers over the decades.  We have interpreted karma as something distasteful and unwanted, when the true meaning of this Sanskrit word is to do, to make, to accomplish and so forth.  It also has been the term in some schools of thought that our intention causes effect – both in this lifetime and future lifetimes.  This is where the reincarnation factor into play.  In other words, if you’re a ‘good’ person in this lifetime, in future lifetimes you will not have to pay for any bad behaviors from a past lifetime.

But this principal, according to the Divine Guidance Team, has been misinterpreted.  So over the next few blogs, we’re going to address further this theory of karma and why indeed reincarnation is soooo not necessary!

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2012 Ushers In New Law of Responsibilty

Who you were in a past life no longer matters.
In our most recent Live Channeling Event, the Divine Guidance Team said that the Law of Karma is now passé or dead….and it is being replaced with the Law of Responsibility. While many teachers will still cling to the old lessons of karma, the new Law of Responsibility is being put forth since the days of punishing yourself for something you did or didn’t do in a past life time is now over. Instead the job is to be aware of this life time and not cling to old life time behaviors, patterns or digressions.

In fact, the old law of karma is being looked as an excuse – to use for blame of one’s past behaviors. The Law of Responsibility says the past –as in your past lives–doesn’t matter –only the present lifetime matters. How you conduct yourself here and now is the most important act you can act upon.

How are you living your life? Is it with honor and trustworthiness? Or is it in shame and guilt? Are you blaming others for your problems or owning up to your own part in every action you take?

You are the sole creator of your own reality. The Universe and the Creator are listening and watching. How are you living your life? With purpose? With blame? Or something in between?

How responsible are you being for your own life? You may be aware of what or who you were in a past lifetime—but you no longer have to be punished for it nor hold it up as an excuse for this lifetime’s behavior. This new law is both refreshing –and harder to life up to. There are no more excuses; there is no more blaming. There is only you – and your Creator – making this the best life you have to live. It’s time for more responsibility.

With Light and Love Always,
Blake Cahoon, Channel and Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake knows about many of her past lives and is grateful she no longer has to hold on to the actions she once did in a past life. She enjoys living this life to the fullest.