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Retreat — A Divine Guidance Team Message

Many have just returned from a retreat — the holidays vacation time; and yet still are exhausted. Holidays can be stressful and often are. So we encourage you taking time out despite the fact you may just come off vacation time. Retreating from your daily obligations doesn’t need to take much effort. Just some down time…a favorite book, movie or bubble bath may do it. A favorite game, hobby or activity may do it. Remember to take time out for you daily!
And be sure to ask the answer for help for time off…we’re here for you!


Now here we have word with two meanings and yet they do essentially mean the same thing. 

When you retreat, you move away from something.  It is often involuntarily, such as encountering a bear in the woods.  From such an encounter, you would want to retreat from the situation –and rather quickly, we would think!

You may retreat from a confrontational or unpleasant situation, such as a fight or loud argument.  No need to get involved in something that isn’t your concern or which takes away peace in your life.  It is their story, not yours.

Speaking of your story, however, you indeed may want to take a retreat from the world—a vacation or holiday—from your everyday life.  A retreat is great to soothe the soul and clear away the cobwebs of the mind.  Whether a long or short time—the length is up to you and your own emotions, feelings and how you feel in mind, body and spirit.  Take the time you need to quench your soul into a period of refreshment and renewal.

We encourage regular periods of retreat so you may return to your labors without discontent or distress. 

So whether it is a needed vacation, or a simply a move away from an unpleasant situation, learn to retreat (verb) appropriately or take a retreat (noun) when the opportunity warrants.

Either meaning will allow you to renew, refresh and realign your balance.

Many Blessings of Light & Love,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path


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After Note:  And balance is the true key of achievement when going on a retreat.