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Robin Williams: Comic Genius

Photo Credit: Ken Hively/MCT
Robin Williams – 1951 – 2014. Photo Credit: Ken Hively/MCT

To say I was shocked when I heard the news of Robin Williams sudden death would be an understatement. I understand how and why he left us; I understand where he’s going/has gone.  I was even told that Jonathan Winters was there to greet him and Christopher Reeves is showing him around.  But that doesn’t help the shocked feelings he left us with.  Regardless, we will remember him for his TV and movie roles — for the joy, the laughter, the insights and so much more that he provided us with over the many years. So much more needs to be said and yet now is not the time nor place.  We are sad he is gone and we are dealing with our own pain at this loss, while wondering about his own. Life is full of contrasting experiences, some more profound than others.  No one really knows what is going on in the hearts and minds of people — each has their own tale to tell; each has their own road to travel down. I will miss the future performances of this great comic genius who gave us so many smiles, so much joy, so much to think about.

One of Robin Williams most memorable films.
One of Robin Williams most memorable films.

This week’s blog is a short one and for that I apologize.  But as a fan of Mr. Williams, I plan on watching his TV and movie performances with both a heavy heart and a gentle smile.  I invite you to watch his films or his TV appearances and see why so many loved him. He is gone too soon for many of us…he will be greatly missed.  But I know that now he will be finding the peace that he is desperately sought, with the help of the angels and his friends who went before him. And for that we can take comfort. Love and Light Always, Blake Cahoon Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being