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Going Home Again

As summer winds down, so do summer repeats on TV. In honor of this time, we’ve reprinted one of our old blogs – dividing it into two parts. Enjoy your summer!

Going Home Again – Part 1 – Rochester, New York
They say you can’t go home again…this is not true—you can and sometimes you should. But it won’t be the same—you can’t expect it to be the same; especially when forty years have passed as was the case when I went “home” again this summer.

For me Home was New York – where I was born (in New York City) and raised (in Rochester, NY) to the age of eleven.

My sister, who is three year younger than myself, and I went east this summer along our Heritage Trail – first to Cleveland, Ohio – where long dead relatives once lived and then onto Buffalo, NY or rather to Niagara Falls – where we had visited as young children. Apparently my father had filmed some new exhibit way back when; he was a film producer/director/editor – and wound up in Rochester, NY at Kodak –our next stop.

Here we roam the shopping plaza and apartment buildings of our youth with much aplomb and with many memories –some good and others not quite so good. We found our old elementary schools and found some changes, but not many. We found the woods we once played in and still found a heavily wooded path that we could still travel. That path wasn’t quite so wooded back forty years and it was probably easier to travel as children. Still we were both delighted that we managed explore the woods that meant so much to us.

We visited with the now much older parents of true best friends from our childhood.
We are now the age our parents were when they left Rochester. These folks knew us only as children – it must have been strange indeed for them to visit with us as adults. For me they now were wonderful people I could relate to as adults, as opposed to being simply the parents of my childhood best friend. They still have the playhouse that my father built for us – its been a tool shed in their backyard and it still stands—a testament to my father’s carpentry skills.

We also managed to visit the church we went to as children – and I found to my amused amazement the stained glass windows depicted not scenes of Jesus and the saints as so many mid-western churches to – but instead huge pictures of angels! These were the angels that guarded me as a child and which so influenced my life as an adult. No wonder I’m so into angels!!

We explored the huge Ellison Park, remembering lively times of snow sledding on its steep hills – they are still as steep as we remembered! This park meant much to us growing up and remains today still beautiful. We also managed to head up to our favorite amusement park on Lake Ontario—and found many of the same rides we loved as a child, including the ominous Jack Rabbit roller coaster—not quite so tall as I remember and the old merry-go-round with its colorful horses spinning to calipee music. Some things don’t change much with age – and for that we were grateful.

In Part Two we are heading towards New York City – Greenwich Village – where we both were born!

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being