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Best of Blogs: Numbers & Signs: Messages?

Are you finding the signs?  
How do numbers show up in your life?
Do they mean anything?

Lately I’ve seen the number 11 a lot, especially the time of 11:11.  I will look up and see these numbers on the clock at work, at home during the day or by my bedside.   I remember reading in Doreen Virtue’s book on angel numbers that the time of 11:11 (eleven after the hour of 11) meant that the angels were looking after me.  I always felt that was nice that the angels acknowledged that they were watching after me.  They let me know by nudging me to look at a clock at the right time, which they can do!

How are numbers showing up for you?

The angelic message is received and once again I’m reminded that I’m always surrounded by my loving watchful angels.  What numbers are showing up for you?

God provides us (or the Universe/Source/Goddess—whichever you prefer) signs along the way.  Of course, we have to interpret the signs and often don’t do so correctly.  But the first thing to acknowledge is that it is a sign.  Interesting number combinations is just one way of God sending us a message.

I have learned that the number 4 is the sign of the home.  This makes sense, if you think of a 4-sided box –which is often how we draw a house on a piece of paper when we are young.  I was looking for an apartment last summer, thinking I was moving out of the area and the apartment I was shown had a number combination that added up to 4!  (The apartment number was something like 112: 1+1+2).  So I was certain it was sign that my move would happen and this apartment was perfect for me.

It probably would have been—if indeed I had moved out to New York.  Instead I found an even better place in Wisconsin.  My house number?  9903 3rd Avenue – which is a lot of 9’s and 3’s, both which are powerful divine numbers (think the Trinity and pyramids).  So I knew that I right this time!  (It is a much nicer place then the apartment in NY).

Often we ask God or the Universe or even our angels for requests through prayers, etc.  Some of us get that they will always answer—it’s just a matter of deciphering the clues the Universe provides to us.  Some of us don’t even get that signs are a method of letting you know God is listening and your order is being processed.

Are you looking for the signs?
How well can you decipher the clues and solve the mystery? 
Are you grateful when you had your eureka moment? 

Remember – the signs are there.  Whether the signs show up for you as a song lyric, a set of numbers on a clock or an address, or a movie or TV conversation,  look for the signs coming to you in a set of 3 over a short period of time (a few days at most—perhaps 3?).

Tell us what sign mysteries have you uncovered lately?   What number show up for you on a regular basis?  How can you tell that you’re receiving signs?  We’d love to hear from you!

Leave us a comment and let us know how number show up for you!
And remember we’re here to help you unravel the mystery!

Love and Light Always,


Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being
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Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Blake’s  home in Wisconsin is perfect for her.  She followed the signs and found her little home in the woods.  She’s  had some setbacks in the past, but pushed on, trusting the Universe would provide – which It did and always does, in all ways.

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Deciphering Messages from the Universe

Illuminated Engagements - diciphering messages
Are you receiving messages from the Universe?

How well are you deciphering messages from the Universe?

For weeks now I’ve been seeing various messages about living your dreams. There are inspiration quotes everywhere to not sell yourself short, live your dream, don’t waste time in a dead end job, etc. etc. Well, I know when I see something 3 or more times, I’m supposed to be paying attention. But when I see it a hundred times in one week, from so many different sources, I know the Universe is screaming at me!

Of course, I am following my dream by continuing to develop my lovely company, Illuminated Engagements. My various offerings, that include readings, live channeling events and workshops keep me busy in my off hours and I love this work. I am striving to make this work a full-time occupation.

My other work—as a computer analyst at a large corporation—on the other hand has grown stale. The interest isn’t there anymore although the paycheck is one that I currently don’t see living without. Many of my other entrepreneurial women friends are lucky in that they have a husband who can help support them while they continue to build their businesses. Of course we all know that we make our own luck by the actions we take. As a single woman, I took actions that still require me to pay the rent, the bills and the grocery bill on a single income—mine.

Many of us would love to own our own businesses and many strive to do so. Lately, my striving has been enhanced and I believe the messages that I am seeing are the angels’ way of telling me that I am on the right track towards my entrepreneurial ambitions and goals. These messages are just a gentle reminder that eventually with the right vibes in place and a bit of effort on my part, I will accomplish those goals and I shouldn’t give up now. I find peace and renewed enthusiasm with this message.

Every day the Universe gives us a thousand different messages. Are you paying attention to yours?
It is when we pay attention to these loudest and most prominent messages that we know that Heaven is watching over us, sending us love and comfort. Listen and examine these messages. Only you can decipher their meaning. What have you been asking for? How is this message related?

Feel the message in your heart, not your mind and learn the truth of this message. How does it feel to you? Does it feel “off” or “spot on”? Continue to analyze and ferret out the meaning of the messages given to you.

As an analyst, it might be easy for me to figure out what the universe is telling me –although until I started this blog—writing the message out, I wasn’t sure what the message really was. Now I know. Try writing a message out and see what additional information pops in your head. And then you’ll know more too.

How do messages show up for you? How loud and in what forms do your messages show up? Do you find if you write them down more information comes to you? Let us know your experiences a bout messages…sharing is caring…let’s learn from each other!

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel/Writer/Teacher
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being

Blake watches for her daily messages from the Universe by staying aware that messages are being sent.

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