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Appreciate What You Have

I have learned to appreciate what I have. Several years ago, I almost lost my beloved cat, Merlin. He wandered off one night and was gone for 3 very long, very worrisome days for me. He is fixed and he never had done this before. We sometimes get coyotes in my area and while all my cats are watchful for them and stay close to home, one never knows what dangers lurk in dark woods. Typically my cats faithfully come home.

That Tuesday, my Merlin didn’t return home, when he was supposed to. He didn’t come home the next morning either, nor that night. Nor the next morning, where I was now in a panic. All this time, I was also having to deal with ordinary life, but I was very distracted. All my angels and spirit guides told me it would be OK; as did my various animal communication friends. And finally after 4 days of worry and walking the neighborhood calling his name, and posting signs and visiting shelters, etc., Merlin came home–a bit skinnier, but none the worse for wear. And my world was again happy and joyous and back in balance.

Last night, however, he came home very late and that night, six years ago, popped back in my mind, as I was letting him the back door at 2 a.m. And I remember then, what I remember today –that I was so appreciative of my angels and spirit guides to guide him home and put my mind at ease.

Tomorrow is another Fourth of July. We live in a wonderful country where thousands of global citizens seek to live in every year because ours is a country full of freedoms. And after last night and now this week being such a patriotic week, the Melanie song lyric about the big yellow taxi comes to mine: “…don’t it ever seems to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone….big yellow taxi came by last night and took away my old man….”.

So my question is: What don’t we realize that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone? What does it take to truly appreciate what we do have?

It took me for my beloved Merlin to get lost for days, to make me really appreciate having him in my life. His purr delights me and he can sleep by my side for hours comforting me with his mere presence. Every day I practice my gratitude and appreciate all that I have in this great country of ours.

And on this patriotic week of the Fourth of July–the week we gained our independence, I am very appreciative of my life as it currently is–free to be who and what I truly am– a loving creative extension of Source energy. And I can do that because I live in a country which allows me the freedom and resources to be that free and freedom-loving individual.

Our world in 2012 has shown us much strive and change. We are truly undergoing what I call and spirit guides call The Shift. So much is changing and yet, with faith, I can appreciate these changes because in the end, I know that the Divine Guidance provided to me will prevail and manifest into something wonderful.

This week I celebrate with the rest of the United States our national Independence Day holiday. I do so with appreciation and love and an open heart. I celebrate with friends and family all that this country stands for and is about. I appreciate my health and technology that allows me to type this message to the rest of the world.

Look around you this week and appreciate what you have. Maybe it’s not everything you want right now–but I bet that if you lost what you do have, you’d appreciate it then. Don’t wait until that time–appreciate it to today–so you don’t have to say: “…that we don’t know what we’ve got til it’s gone….”.

Give thanks…appreciate…be grateful…and let the universe know that you hold joy for the things you do have in your life…and watch more come to you as a result…

Happy Fourth Everyone and God Bless America.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Working as a Medium

Theresa Caputo of “Long Island Medium”

As I am going forward, I noticed I’m being drawn to TV shows that reflect my own abilities. The latest is “Long Island Medium” – which is proving to be interesting once you get past the over-enthusiasm of our host medium, whose name is Theresa Caputo and who accent is as broad as the day is long. I originally hail from New York, but I’ve got more of a Manhattan accent as opposed to the very nasal Brooklyn accent.

Beside the drama she brings to the screen –after all this is a reality TV show! — her sessions with her clients are interesting. These people come in pain for they have lost a loved one and seek closure. Theresa provides that closure and provides some peace of mind by connecting the passed-over (the nice term for dead) person with the living people left behind. This is what a medium does – acts as a go-between the living and the dead.

Now mind you, we who are in the business know that we really don’t die, but simply transition to another state of being. The physical body may be left behind, but the soul continues. This is why we are capable to communicating to those who have made the transition.

We are able to ‘tune in’ to that other dimension, often with the help of spiritual guidance, and thus are able to bring forth messages to those of us still in carnal embodiment, i.e. the living. Often the messages are filtered both by our own frame of reference as well as the space-time dimensional veils.
Validation of our interpretation of images, random names, dates and even numbers come from those who knew the departed. This lets us know we’re on the right track –we’re actually in communication with those loved ones that the living seeks.

This communication is a fascinating one for me and I love it when I’m able to truly connect people and have them gain closure or at least some peace. I am grateful for my gifts and the opportunity to share them with others.

There are TV shows that give the general public a glimpse of the world that I am involved in. These shows only are able to show a snippet of this life style and please remember that they are set up for dramatic effect. “Long Island Medium” is particularly set up for dramatic effect with Theresa’s family and her own inability to practice medium discernment with others. But the emotional after effects of clients’ emotions appear to be genuine. And that is nice to see. And what any medium strives for in providing this unique and sometimes startling work.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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Blake has been able to talk to ghosts and spirit since she was a child. She still stays in regular touch with her mother and father this way.

My Gift

For years, I have been providing readings to people off and on. Call them angel readings or intuitive readings or psychic readings—this is an ability I’ve been gifted with and I believe I’ve served people well over the years. Many have told me that I should be providing this spiritual reading service much more often; maybe make it my full time occupation.

Up to now, I have firmly resisted this advice for several reasons, including some powerful readings I did a few years back that frankly startled me into backing off from my abilities. Because I deal with people’s lives in a confidential manner, I can’t reveal the details. But I realized even then, that my abilities would never leave me. I still talked with my angels and did readings, but only to establish clients.

However my angels reminded me that I really need to provide this service to all people. Slowly my angels wore down my reluctance and encouraged me to study more so I wouldn’t become so spooked again. So over the last few years I have studied as my Divine Guidance Team grew spiritually more powerful. They grew my talents as well and now I have regular conversations with Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, as well as three new Master Guides: Malachi, Bartholomew and Ellery. I feel very privileged that these powerful archangels have decided to work with me.

It was their prompting that created Illuminated Engagements and its purpose: to provide a communication platform for them to speak to you through me. They named the company and are co-creators in its inception and operations. I think sometimes they call the shots much more than I do. But I am a willing participant and again feel so blessed to provide reading and channeling services to those who chose to embrace and engage these services.
This page started as a blog entry, but ultimately it is the About Us page too. I am an intuitive spiritual channel/reader. I talk with the angels and with the Master Guides. I talk with loved ones who have passed and the occasional wandering spirit/ghost. I don’t tell fortunes and predict the future. I can’t tell you what the lottery numbers will be. Play if you want—if you’re meant to win, you will.

I can provide you the opportunity to talk with angels and allow their message of love and joy bring peace to you. I can provide you the possible opportunity to talk with a loved one who has passed, and perhaps explain why they passed too soon. I can provide the opportunity to have you talk with Master Spirit Guides who want the very best for you and your life and will provide the wisdom to a life you desire.

I hope you will provide me the opportunity to serve you in this renewed and powerful capacity. Thank you.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being