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Spirituality vs Religion

nirvanaI’m not sure there is a right or wrong spiritual path. To me spirituality means going down a path of faith and trust in a higher power, whatever you choose to call that higher power. Religion on the other hand is about power and attempting to get you to believe as the religious institution believes. Spirituality allows belief according to your own inner guidance and not to some organized system.

I was attempting to read an article about going down the wrong path to spirituality; essentially it was an article about fanatical religious cults and how people can get swept up into them. We’ve definitely seen evidence of this over the years – where a belief in something very strong and yet destructive causes much pain in the long run.
Spirituality is about creation, not destruction. We are the most powerful when we are in a creation mode for we are then in areas of expansion—and we allow the natural flow of the universe to come upon us.

Religion has a tendency to hamper our creative expression. Many need the structure that religion serves and find comfort in the structure. If the religion serves mankind and doesn’t destroy mankind, then it may be one worth exploring.

Just as there are many aspects of man, so there are many aspects of any religion. Some aspects serve better than others.

It is okay to be both spiritual and religious; I feel you have to be spiritual to be religious, although if you are religious you may not spiritual.

These are questions that continue to open our mind to new viewpoints and perceptions. And that is a sign of creation—which is what this world is really all about anyways.

With Love and Light Always,
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