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11 Quotes to Help You Relax

Christmas time
The holidays can be joyous, but stressful.

Are you stressed out after the holidays?

Would you like to be able to relax?

These last few months can be stressful for all of us with myriad of holidays to keep us busy.  Now all of them are behind us and it’s time to start to relax.  To get you in the spirit of relaxation, I’m passing along the great quotes that I found.

Find one or two that appeal to you and copy it down and post someplace that you can see it on a daily basis.

It will be a gentle reminder that life is meant to be one that is not stress-filled.  These quotes can help you remember to relax!




Joy and Peace Always,
Blake Cahoon, Teacher/Writer/Channel
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being


Blake has a variety of quotes to reminder her to relax, posted on the refrigerator and in her home office.

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Stressed Out? Here’s Some Help!

stressSo, lately I’ve been stressed out more than usual. Not sure why. It might be the weather. Or maybe I just never wanted to come back from vacation which was 3 weeks long and still not long enough!
I know there are various family issues and work issues and home issues and too much going on issues, so when I spotted the article below on stress and found out that some stress is actually healthy for you, I shouted “Hooray!”

And then I read further and found out some way to handle stress. Like for example, deep breathing and listening to relaxing music helps me unwind from stress. The article spells out the particulars and uses various examples of stressful situations and how to deal with them.

Of course exercising regularly is one that all health articles tell us about. So a walk around the block can help the body, mind and the spirit. Or even down the corridor of your work building.
Me: I find a stroll down to our local Starbucks and sipping on a chi tea latte –Venti –size please does the trick. Petting my kitty cat’s head when I’m home veg’ing in front of the TV also de-stresses me.

Hey—whatever it takes, right? Just remember to enjoy life!

Deep breathes everyone!

Read how to distress your life here:

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary, Illuminator & Transmitter
for The Divine Guidance Team of
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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Blake likes to unwind with a good book or a good TV comedy. She likes ‘Big Bang Theory’.

You Decide How You Want The World To Be

Every once in a while, I’ll be posting a blog from eons ago. As there was a whole different audience then, this audience has yet to see these. This then is that post from 2006:

Last week I went to the post office to mail one of my many packages that I send out to people–books, alien toys, crystals, etc. from my company, Amethyst Moon. The town I live in is a small town, way up near the Wisconsin border from Chicago and the post office isn’t that big, although it isn’t that tiny either. But it is always crowded apparently. I hate getting there past 4 pm because inevitably, there will be a line.

Well, this day was no exception. There was a line and it slowly crawled along as it got longer. The air conditioning wasn’t on and it was starting to get hot in there and people were grumbling. I held good spirits up as much I could, but I soon surrendered to the same grouchy mood all were now in. I was finally first in line after at least 20 minutes and saw part of the problem: only 2 people on duty, although a 3rd was trying to help people who just had mail to pick up or had to buy stamps.

There was one clerk who was helping a lady with a brown wrapped package, taping this thing over and over. The lady behind me wasn’t really very happy and the woman behind her was even more unhappy. I looked and saw at least 15 -20 people behind her, all with unhappy, impatient faces.

And I let out a long sigh, as I’m want to do when I’m feeling frustrated, as it was now 30 minutes at least since I had started standing in this line. And then I thought to pray to my angels- specifically Elijah–for some relief. The answer I got was surprising: Start smiling, he said.

What? I thought back. Why? I’m stuck in a line in a hot post office where the clerk behind the counter seems to be getting perverse pleasure in the fact we are all getting upset and impatient! I answered back. I’ve been here 30 minutes!!! I have better things to do–I started to rant and rave, silently, of course, to Elijah. And indeed the clerk did feel to me that the madder we all got, the slower they were going to go. (Ever notice that the DMV does the same thing?)

You have 2 choices in this situation: get angry and feed the frustration or smile and laugh and lift the energy, Elijah told me.

Of course, I thought! I teach this stuff, I thought and I laughed out loud. And smiled.

Well, the unhappy woman behind me looked at me strangely–why the heck was I laughing? We were mad, not happy!

I looked at her and smiled, “Okay, so we’re standing here forever–there’s only 2 choices we have–wait it out or get over it.”

She hmmphed at me, as if I were crazy. But I wouldn’t be deterred–I was already feeling better about life as I noticed I got the clerk’s attention. She continued struggling with her package and the woman that was mailing it.

I waited a minute or so and then muttered to the woman behind me, “Well, I was going to get a PO box today,” I said and glanced over the angry crowd, “–but I think I’ll wait!” I almost gulped, in a comical manner.

“It’s that type of thing that takes so long,” the 2nd unhappy woman stated flatly.

“Yup. True enough,” I said and while I don’t remember the specifics, I do remember I must have cracked a joke that caused the 2nd woman to smile and that made me smile even more.

The 1st woman didn’t crack a smile and that prompted me to nudge her to smile–so I started teasing her about smiling. Well, if you ever start that–it’s not hard to get people to crack a smile. Well, she finally did smile and the 2nd woman smiled. And then I was on a roll, as others were beginning to notice and the mood started to lift as people began to smile.

“You see if you smile–despite everything–you can raise the vibration here and this blockage will begin to move!” I announced, to the room, many who now were starting to laugh or smile at my antics. This made the clerk behind the counter unhappy and so she began finishing her package faster, something I could see happening.

“I want to know what you are smoking!” the 2nd formerly unhappy woman said, who was now laughing.

“Nothing but life itself!” I announced. “See! It works, we are started to smile and laugh and now the line is moving!!!” I said, as the clerk finally called me up.

I quickly went to my mail business as the woman behind me, now semi-smiling, went to the other clerk and got waited on. By the time I left and headed out to my car, the line was really moving and the mood in the post office had lifted tremendously.

We choose how we want our world to be: either you can be happy or be angry about life. I choose happiness.

Next time you’re stuck in a line, try smiling and making small talk with those around you. They may or may not respond, but you did your part to make the world a better place–and that’s what counts.

Until next time, remember to smile! And remember to choose wisely!

With Love and Light,
Blake and Elijah

Stress-The Silent Killer

We all have stress in our lives. It is the amount of stress we let in our lives that will determine how unhealthy we can allow ourselves to become. I came across an article I’d like to share with you from Steve Pavlina, who writes a personal development newsletter and whose website is: www.StevePavlina.com .

In his February newsletter of this year, he talks about how not taking control of your life and your stress can shave off many years off your life. I have learned how over many years to use his suggestion of detachment, although it wasn’t easy for me, because I have high standards. I have learned over the years to relax those standards, not because these standards aren’t important, but because I’ve learned to choose my battles more wisely.

See what Steve has to say about standards and stress. See if you can’t glean a nugget or two out this article, like I did. For me, it reminded me of what is and isn’t important –something we all need reminding of. Here is Steve’s article, from his newsletter, used with permission by his non-copyright notice. (Still it is always wise to acknowledge the author and appreciate their wisdom that they offer us!)

Let us know which points you will take away with you by providing comments at the end of the article.

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
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Blake attempts to stay stress-free by playing with her cats, sleeping in on Saturdays and dining with good friends. She also relays heavily on her Divine Guidance Team to remind her to stay calm, relax and let go, let God. How do you stay stress-free?


Control Your Life, or Die
By Steve Pavlina

On average, each highly stressful year that you endure shaves about 6 years off your lifespan.
People experiencing high stress have been measured to lose their telomeres much faster than normal. Telomeres are the caps at the end of your DNA strands that keep them from fraying. You slowly lose these telomeres as you age, but stress can speed up the process dramatically, effectively causing your body to wear out much sooner.
In this case, stress is the feeling that you don’t have much control over your life. That feeling of being out of control is damaging to your health at the cellular level.

One especially common form of stress is work-related abuse. Your boss gives you more work than you can reasonably handle. You make a minor mistake and get chewed out. You get blamed for something that isn’t your fault. Subjecting yourself to this kind of environment will likely shave years off of your lifespan.
If you think in terms of the 6-to-1 ratio, hopefully it will sink in to consider just how much damage you may be doing to yourself to tolerate such an environment, damage that can be physically measured in your cells. Do you really want to trade 6 days of life for every one highly stressful day?

The idea of detachment is not to get too attached to what happens in your life. Try to be at peace with whatever occurs. If your boss yells at you, shrug it off. No big deal. It’s all good.
Detachment can be helpful in some situations, but it’s only one tool among many. For many situations this tool just doesn’t work so well.

I think detachment works best for infrequent situations. If you have a one-time problem like getting a flat tire, go ahead and shrug it off. So you’ll be late for an appointment. No big deal. Stuff happens.
But if you’re trying to practice detachment in situations where you have to keep reminding yourself to stay calm, such as if you’re in a relationship that stresses you out, or if you have to deal with an ogre-like boss every week, then I don’t think detachment will get you very far. Go ahead and try it if you want, but if you keep getting sucked into problems again and again, then maybe this isn’t the best tool for the job.

In many situations a more effective strategy than detachment is to get clear about your personal standards and enforce them in your life. Stop giving dumb, angry, or stressed out people control over your time, your space, and your life.

Many times people end up in stressful situations because they’ve maintained low personal standards. They let other people talk down to them, treat them unfairly and disrespectfully, and take advantage of them. They’re willing to trade their dignity and self-respect for a job, an income, a place to live, a family, etc. But in the end, these decisions so often lead to high stress and a feeling of not being in control. And that loss of self-control ages and kills people much faster.

In the long run, when you give away control over your life, you literally give away your life. It’s slow suicide.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation, then perhaps it’s time to start taking some control back. Raise your standards about what’s acceptable to you in terms of how you’re treated, how you’re willing to invest your precious time, and how you want your physical environment to be maintained. Communicate these standards to others, and if they don’t cooperate, stop dealing with them.

Most stress comes from other people. Which people are you letting in? Raise your standards there, and it will make a huge difference in the level of stress you experience.

Of course this will create some consequences. You may need to switch jobs. You may shift some of your relationships around. That’s the price to be paid for a mistake you made much earlier. At some point you gave your power away, which was a dumb thing to do. Continuing to give your power away is even dumber; reclaiming your power now is the smart move. People may not want to give it back to you, but you don’t need their permission.

It will take time to go through this readjustment process, maybe months and possibly years. But in the end, you’ll have your self-respect back, and you’ll have the opportunity to form positive new relationships that aren’t based on unfair power exchanges. You can have a boss and coworkers that respect you and treat you with kindness and understanding. You can have family members that respect your boundaries. And you can have friends that relate to you with maturity and mutual respect instead of treating you like a doormat. But if you continue to maintain doormat-level standards, others will continue to treat you like one.

If you do nothing, the stress and lack of control you experience now will probably just get worse, and your body is already paying the price. You can choose to exercise your independent will and change course, or you can continue to commit slow suicide.

Stop Making Stupid Trades
One reason that people lack the energy for their grand creative pursuits is that they don’t wield enough control over their lives. This lack of control is stressful. In dealing with this stress, such people lose even more time and energy to distractions and escapism. Testing has shown they their memories worsen as well. They become scatter-brained. It’s no wonder that many of them can’t even summon enough energy to figure out what they want to create, let alone take steps to create it.

Tolerating a stressful lifestyle isn’t a path to fulfillment. The path to fulfillment is to your energy straight into your creative desires. To do this you must stop making stupid trades with your time and energy. Trading your time for a stressful job and trading a peaceful home life for a stressful relationship are stupid decisions.

Initially it’s more important to avoid stupid trades than it is to make smart ones. You probably won’t have the capacity to know what a wise investment of time and energy looks like until you withdraw enough of your energy from those bad trades and regain some control. Ask yourself which situations you’d willingly enter again if you had to make the choice today. If there are some trades you wouldn’t make today, then you now see them as mistakes, so stop doing them.

Take Control
Once you’ve withdrawn your time and energy from commitments that were mistakes in retrospect, you can use that energy to exert more control over your life.

Assert control over how you spend your time. Get up when you want. Go to bed when you want. Exercise when you want. Work when you want. Pursue hobbies when you want. You decide how to spend every minute of every day. If that sounds like a fantasy, then you’ve allowed your personal standards to fall so far that they’re actually lower than those of a pigeon. If a pigeon gets to decide how to spend its time each day, why should you deserve any less? Surely you can exert more control over your life than a pigeon can. You are smarter than a pigeon, aren’t you?

Take control of your living space. Decorate it however you like. Maintain the level of cleanliness that you desire. Get rid of whatever you no longer want. Create a living space that pleases you. Don’t worry about what other people think of it. Make it fully your own, even if there’s just one room you can control.
Take control of your relationships. Spend time with the people you want, when you want, and how you want. Reject invitations that don’t inspire you. Issue invitations for the connections and experiences you’d like to have in your life. Let people know where your boundaries are, and if they cross those boundaries, drop them, relative or not.

Is this going to make you an anti-social ogre? Nope. All I’m suggesting is that you raise your standards back up to those of a pigeon. You can still meet your needs without becoming a stressed-out, dominated doormat. With higher standards you’ll not only be less stressed, but you’ll be a lot happier too. People will treat you with more kindness, respect, and fairness if you stop tolerating the opposite. Money also has a tendency to flow more abundantly through the lives of people who respect themselves; giving your power away repels financial abundance and attracts financial slavery.

Stop making excuses for why it’s okay to keep giving your power away. Stop acting helpless, needy, and desperate. Your life depends on this.

Reclaim your power, raise your standards, take control, and save your own life.

This (Steve Pavlina) newsletter is uncopyrighted. Feel free to share it, such as by forwarding it to friends or by posting it on your blog.

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