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The Question of Suicide from the Divine Guidance Team

SuicideBecause of my abilities as a psychic, medium and channel, the conversation of death comes up often for me. Many of the questions I receive are about the death process—where do we go? What happens to us? How are we judged? What happens to children when they die and what happens when someone takes their own life? These are the types of questions that often I and the Divine Guidance Team are asked.

Often the answers to these questions are far more complex than the space allowed here; which is why we record our Channeling Events so that the information can become available to all. But we happened across an article which we will let you read in a moment. We wanted to address just a few aspects of this woman’s actions and what the Divine Guidance Team’s opinion is surrounding the question: is suicide ever someone’s else fault?

Read the article here and then come back and finish reading our answers and insights.

The simple answer is: yes and no. Yes, because you are indeed responsible for other people in your life whether you want to be or not. And no, because you are only responsible for your own actions when interacting with this person. If you are the best person you can be, free from ego and full of good intentions and love, then there is little you can do to help someone who is out alignment enough with their own life that they want to leave their life.

But if you are the bully who chastises and threatens and says harsh, harmful words to another out of hatred, which is borne from fear—then indeed you are responsible for another’s harm should it lead to suicide or harmful action.

Suicide is when a person is out of alignment with their world and their life and see no other way of changing their circumstances or they are afraid of changing their circumstances~ The Divine Guidance Team.

The good news is that this young woman will get help on the Other Side. The bad news is the people who bullied her may not. And will have to live with themselves and their actions.
How you treat other people matters. How you treat yourself matters. How are you treating others and yourself today? With love, kindness and understanding? Or with fear, hatred and jealously?

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary, Transmitter and Illuminator
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Blake believes treating others kindly and with understanding is the better path. Do unto others as they would have done onto you. She believes the Golden Rule is there for a reason.
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